Hotel Babylon

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on BBC

Episode Recap

Hotel guest Lady Patton complains that some of her money has been stolen during the night - £3000 in cash. Rebecca suspects a member of staff, as the computer shows that someone used a staff pass to get into the room around the time of the theft. It turns out that the pass was issued to an employee who left some years before, but Rebecca comes down hard on the staff. Suddenly everyone is a suspect, facing dismissal if found guilty. Charlie persuades Rebecca not to call in the police - he knows they would suspect him, as he has been in jail.

Rebecca interrogates the staff, but she also calls in an auditor - much to the distress of Gino and Jackie. Their stock-taking figures are complete fantasy, but if auditor Ms Merchant does not approve them they could lose their jobs.

Meanwhile, Anna is leading a Greek teenager astray, a virtuoso violin-player.

With Charlie's help, Derek the door-man has persuaded Rebecca to interview his wayward son for a job at the hotel. The boy is cheeky and so plainly bad that he doesn't get the job, and Charlie has to break the news to Derek. But then he learns from Tony that Derek has the staff pass used to get into Lady Patton's room. Charlie realises Derek must be the hotel thief. He and Rebecca must maintain their professional stance and hand Derek his P45. He stole the money to pay a gambling debt. Ironically, it appears that Lady Patton has a crush on Derek.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Gino have persuaded Tony to blackmail Ms Merchant to save their jobs, and Anna gets her Greek violinist drunk - with an unhappy outcome. Luckily the violinist lies to her father saving Anna from serious trouble. In guilt Rebecca and Charlie do end up employing Derek's useless son. He ends up swepping up rubbish in the back room!

After all these goings-on, a disgruntled hotel guest surprises everyone by revealing himself as a hotel inspector. Unhappily, the staff have managed to upset him in every possible way. Rebecca calls an urgent staff meeting, as they are all in hot water.