Hotel Babylon

Friday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Jan 19, 2006 Between Seasons





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  • Love it!

    Saw the first episode on Viki in a hotel room. Been hooked ever since! Love it!
  • How can you give this a 1!

    I notice the bad reviews seem based on the supposed bad acting, and bad cast. Did you ever consider that both were the intention of the producers?

    The so called "Bad" acting was great, gave the hotel that fake feeling. which, if you listen to all of the opening narrations, is one of the points the show tries to point out. That the smiles and luxury a hotel provides are a facade, and just plain acting.

    As for bad cast, once again, they played their role as the "camp" hotel employees well.

    Watch this, try and get through what seems an overly camp show, and you have a tongue in cheek drama/comedy that will, at the least, entertain you.
  • Please god dont watch this rubbish

    Scripts are bad plots are worse
    tamzin oithwaite
    is awful
    straight from a third rate soap opera
    too much make up looks like the avon lady

    max beasly
    non actor
    more famous for cheating with a married spice girl
    makes tim vincent look like a great actor

    plot guest comes to the hotel
    something happens
    Regular cast must solve thier problems and save the hotel

    oh dear
    and now the americans have been conned into watching it aswell.We get lost and heros and they get hotel babylon
    Someone somewhere is laughing at this exchange

    The adverts for series one strongly hinted at sex
    being a staple of the show
    not a chance
    i could forgive the bad acting and the over the top ,badley written dialoge if their was some nudity but this is a prime time bbc one show

    Its just plain bad
  • WOW!!! very very BAD!

    this show will get cancled very soon cause its extremly bad .

    it has the worst acting i have ever seen on tv and the worst directing i have ever seen on tv and the worst music i have ever HEARD on tv .

    the question here is why havent bbc cancled it yet .

    i mean its the worst show abc ever prouduced they shoud cancle it right now . cause it boring , bad , and extremly dull .

    i dont get why the actors agreed to act in this type of a show , i mean this show will destroy their carrers .
  • I absolutely love Hotel Babylon. The characters are refreshing and witty. The Characters are a fantastic ensemble. Rebecca Charlie Anna and the gang are wonderful, I'd like to stay in that hotel if it were a real place in Britain.

    The Hotel Babylon I think was a surprising success. Charlie and Rebecca run it like a well oiled machine that sometimes runs amok but they have a wonderful rep. Anna well she's a bit of a snob but a hoot. The end of season two Rebecca after seeing the Hotel didn't get sold to the guy who was going to completely sack the whole staff, she seen that Charlie was made manager and then she walked away into the night to I suppose have some sort of life before she is too old. I hope that Canada's showcase channel picks up the third season as I'm hooked and I'm anxious to see what the gang gets up to.
  • The underbelly of the 5-star hotel world through the eyes of its staff and the many difficulties they face when working with the rich, famous and infamous. Very highly character driven with often interweaving plots.

    This show presents a look at the underbelly of the 5-star hotel world through London-based Hotel Babylon, focusing on its staff and the many difficulties they face when working with the rich, famous and infamous. Within the show, you learn a lot about the way hotels staff and operate, even some of the things few hotels would admit to and never be caught doing. The characters are diverse and have unique views on the world and approaches to how the handle their job and despite squabbles and disasters in the hotel, they always seem to work as a team and help each other out wherever possible. The series mostly follows the prospective of its new Deputy Manager, Charlie, an ex-con trying to start anew and eager to prove himself despite recurring problems with his own history. The focus of the show sometimes will shift from episode to episode but generally comes back to his prospective. Later in the show, the focus shifts a bit to the staff as a whole, opening up for a number of the actors' departures after season 3.

    Very highly character driven with often interweaving plots. The characters and their antics are very much what keeps me coming back.
  • reminds me of real situations !!!!

    well i only saw episode till now but i like the idea of the incidents happening in a hotel portayed in a tv show is not new yet they still make it looks original . the show basically portays the events occuring in a 5 star hotel through the staff and basically the concierge . the show cant be called a comedy yet it s humourous . it would just do fine after a long hard day of work where you just want to drop on your couch and do nothing else anywya if u find it on tv take a look .
  • A cool and humorous series about the staff of a 5-star hotel in London.It follows their complacated lives and deals with new and irritating guests every week with celebrity faces popping up occassionally.All of the story lines are fun and realistic.

    This is a guilty pleasure show and I love the complicated story lines.They have characters with such different personalities and life problems which really creates a good atmosphere in the hotel and allows easy viewing and enjoyable watching.Within the hotel staff there's such friendship and they always help each other through the problems no matter how risky or dangerous it is.The only person uninvolved in the circle of friends is the manager Rebecca (played by Tamzin Outhwaithe) who is always pressuring the staff to do their best and keep away from trouble.She never seems to have any depth until her own problems come into view and although she is cold and has an icy heart im sure everyone was sad to see her leave which spelt disaster for the show and left a possible promotion for Charlie (played by Max Beesley) or the end of an incredable series.
  • MUCH better than Las Vegas

    I realize a lot of people think this show is a carbon copy of Las Vegas. Well, i have to disagree with them there. I think this show is smarter, more interesting and, of course, British! I read one review that complained this show was too much like Las Vegas, then proceded to complain that the relationships in it were not the same as Las Vegas thus making it worse and would like to clarify that this person does not speak for the majority of viewers in Australia.

    I love this show! I find it so fascinating, even though it can get a little repetitive. I watched the first two episodes of the second season on two consecutive days, for example, and they seemed so similar i was a little worried initially that i was watching the same episode! Having said that, whilst the themes were the same in those two episodes, they were very different and both very good so I dont really have a problem with it.

    Tony's relationship with the new kid in Season 2 is very funny, i watched season 1 on late night television and I always thought Tony was a great character, now he's making a little protoge to carry on his memory!

    This show's great, I love to watch it, I highly recommend it and boy is Anna a smoking hottie! 9.5/10 from me!
  • Hotel Babylon, a funny and entertaining show.

    It's funny, entertaining, it's just a good show! The story line is great and the acting just works so well together. Some people just don't get into the show but it's one of my favourites. Maybe its because I'm English (like the show) but i think its clever and witty! Also its a about glamour, celebs, and the rich people, with a great new story every week. I would love to be so rich i could stay in that fancy five star hotel like that! I think the soundtrack is good to, the opening just sounds as posh as the hotel, i also like at the beginning when Charlie will say something about the guests!
  • A new show, but good.

    What to say about Hotel Babylon. Firstly, I have only seen a few episodes since its only been on air in Australia for a couple of weeks. But so far, my favourite episode is number 3, the one with the russian girl. But it was hard to say thats my favourite, because all of them are good. I don't really see why so many people don't like this show anyways. It's actually pretty good. But still, i guess people have different opinions. If anyone wants to ask, or talk about Hotel Babylon, just send me a message. And also please say if you disagree or agree with this review.
  • It\'s like I was watching Las Vegas!! Actually it\'s a terrible rip-off of Las Vegas.

    Throw in some English eyecandy, some saucy storylines and scenes and mimic the camerawork of one already popular show about a Las Vegas casino and what do you have? Hotel Babylon. Only difference is, the original is much much better and the characters are more likeable.

    It\'s interesting this show has so many positive reviews. Maybe the Brits like it but as an Aussie it doesn\'t do much for me.

    Where are the characters with lots of depth to them, like Ed and Danny\'s histories (Las Vegas), the hillarious working relationship between Danny, Ed and Mike. And likewise the way the girls in Las Vegas get along.

    When I consider all that Hotel Babylon just doesn\'t do it for me. Show me the first 8 episodes of Las Vegas and compare them to the first series of hotel Babylon. I\'d rather stick to the original and not the dupe.
  • Dirty, So Very Very Dirty

    But dirty good, easily dirty good. Great casting, great stories. Loved the second episode with Anthony Head as the suicidal advertiser. Absolutely fantastic show. My new favourite!
    I can't stand Anna, but that's the point of her isn't it?
    As for Charlie, isn't he just gorgeous?
    Oh, i know this will be big. I can feel it!
    If it isn't, then that'll be a disgrace!
  • This show is all about glitz and appearances - and it doesn't let you down!

    Even if you only want the facade of a fancy hotel to be what you get, this story delves deep to give you what don't expect and hoping for more. It's a behind-the-bellboy and under-the-uniform look into the glamorous life that we all wish we could experience. The characters, for the most part, are excellently cast and give performances that are full of twists. The set is as posh as it gets, the soundtrack as smart as it gets and the cinematography and beautiful as it gets - especially the aerial shots above London. This is not only a delight to watch, it's dream to experience!
  • Sexy, Slick, Hot!

    Hotel Babylon, one of the latest additions to the \'Hustle and Spooks\' duo.
    A lot like the other two shows Hotel Babylon merges richness and self-indulgance with life. Of course, this isn\'t day to day life; this is the life you wish you were in.
    A 5 star hotel with many different events, every week. This show is...good? however it can be a bit of a bore. it varies from week to week, however, most of the time you wont be disappointed. At the end of this series the creaters tried to create a climax, but it just isn\'t there. \'Will he return?\' we all just know that the reason they\'ve done that is to see whether BBC won\'t drop them. However, i enjoy.