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    This must have been another obscure show that never made into syndication or didn't do well in it, because I've never seen it and have scarcely even heard of it. That's too bad, because it looks interesting. I wonder if there are any episodes available on DVD. I'll be looking for them on the internet and see if I can find any affordable DVDs. With a cast that included Earl Holliman, Jeanette Nolan and Strother Martin you'd think it would get SOME exposure.
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    Hi tvking,

    Did you know 9/11 was Earl's birthday? I've gotten some of the episodes of Hotel de Paree on DVD from a site called if I remember correctly. The light and picture quality is less than we'd like, but it's bearable enough to watch. The first show on the DVDs I bought is some other series and at first I thought the seller had shipped me a wrong order, but the rest of the episodes were Hotel de Paree. The guy I bought them from had left in all the corny old commercials, mostly the L & M Cigarette company, who sponsored the show. Earl and other actors had to do commercials for the cigarettes, apparently, and of course, he did smoke back then.

    I'd like to see the whole series on DVD with a high-quality studio release, but since that's not real likely to happen, probably, I resorted to buying the home-recordings and got about a dozen episodes or maybe a few more than that, so at least now I know what it was like.

    For Earl Holliman or Angie Dickinson fans - you should definitely get Police Woman on DVD if you haven't already! They were on sale for $19.98 on last time I looked. Be sure to listen to the commentaries if you have the show - Earl and Angie are still fun together and they'll make you laugh out loud.

    If you like Season One and would like more, help all us desperate fans to get the rest released by writing to Sony. Here's the address:

    Sony Pictures, Attn: Tracey Garvin, 10202 W Washington Blvd, Culver City CA 90232 or if you prefer e-mail, here's that address, too:

    Well, my frozen yogurt's melting, so I'll check back here later. OldNavy

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