Hotel Hell - Season 1

FOX Premiered Aug 13, 2012 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Roosevelt Hotel
    Episode 6
    Ramsay travels to the Roosevelt Hotel, a former elementary school, which has been converted into a hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, Ramsay is shocked to find dirty sheets, terrible decor and a barely functionable kitchen. Can Ramsay help this owner learn how to turn a profit, or will he simply determine that the hotel is doomed?moreless
  • River Rock Inn
    Episode 5
    Ramsay visits the River Rock Inn, and discovers a dirty, out-dated hotel, which is managed by a lonely, bossy man who mistreats his staff. In order to help the staff, Ramsay brings in a special guest. To help the owner, Ramsay takes the owner out and encourages him to meet new people.moreless
  • Keating Hotel
    Episode 4
    Ramsay travels to the upscale Keating Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. Here the room rate is $800 a night, but Ramsay fears the rooms are overpriced for the experience offered. One of the hotel owners biggest problems is providing luxuries that match his taste, and not thinking of what his guests want. Can Ramsay convince the owner to concentrate on function instead of form?moreless
  • Cambridge Hotel
    Episode 3
    Ramsay travels to the Cambridge Hotel to see if there is any way to save the hotel before its permanent closure. The hotel was important to the community and the owner because it was the location where pie a la mode was created in the 1890s. Can Ramsay save the ancient hotel, or is it too far gone to salvage?moreless
  • 8/14/12
    Ramsay brings an expert to the Juniper Hill Inn to see if Robert, the owner, can sell any of his antiques to earn money for remodeling. Robert is disappointed with the experts appraisal, and is further disappointed when Ramsay brings in former guests to rate the hotel in its current state.moreless
  • 8/13/12

    Juniper Hill Inn in Vermont is in dire need of Gordon Ramsay's assistance. After a sleepless night, Ramsay must deal with an odor problem and the poorly treated staff.