Hotel Impossible

Season 2 Episode 1

Caribe Playa Beach Resort - Puerto Rico

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2012 on Travel Channel



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    • Anthony: The directions provided by the hotel are horribly confusing. It's saying turn left, but there's no place to turn. There's a barrier here. How do I turn left? Maybe I'll just turn left and crash. That'd be funny.

    • Anthony: All the rust that is on that fan is now on this table. Look at this. Look at all this rust. Look at this. So at least I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow--rust.

    • Anthony: Ocean, ocean, everywhere.
      Blanche: It's nice.
      Anthony: Okay. Look at the ocean.
      Blanche: Yeah.
      Anthony: All right, turn around.
      Blanche: No.

    • Anthony: So can you visualize that? Can we make that happen?
      Blanche: I will work on it. Because it's true Anthony fashion, is that all we're doing, Anthony?

    • Anthony: George is making a necessary decision for his family and for his business. Even if it means he's going to be sleeping alone in one of his hotel rooms for a while.

    • Anthony: Dude, you brought me down here to help your hotel. I'm getting involved in marriage counseling.

    • George: Taking this decision and doing what I will do is--it has given me the sensation that I'm getting my balls back.

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