Hotel Impossible

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Episode Guide

  • Season 8
    • Waterpark Bug-Out
      Waterpark Bug-Out
      Episode 13

      At the Maui Sands Hotel and Indoor Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio, Anthony finds chilling waters and an even more chilling sight in the rooms: bedbugs.

    • 11/6/17

      Anthony takes on a San Clemente boutique hotel that the owners bought for their daughter. But when she died three years ago, they let the place fall into disrepair and don't trust their daughter Vivian to manage the place.

    • Chaos on the Cape
      Episode 11

      Anthony takes on a property owner who wants to sell his motel, which is falling apart despite the efforts of a dedicated staff.

    • Desert Disaster
      Episode 10

      Anthony deals with an inexperienced hotel manager caught between the old and new GM at a property that she just purchased

    • 10/9/17

      Anthony visits a hotel near the Ark Attraction in Williamstown, Kentucky, and warns the owners that it'll take a miracle for their property to survive.

    • 10/2/17

      Anthony tries to help the Cape Hatteras Motel, only to discover that it's for sale. The owner is asking too much in Anthony's opinion, and Anthony has to talk him down or watch the man lose his property.

    • 12/5/16

      Anthony tries to help the struggling 12-room Gruenke's First Street Inn and Restaurant. The restaurant is doing fine, but misguided management and an old building spells possible doom for the property.

    • 11/28/16

      Anthony takes on the bull-headed owner of the White Caps Motel in Wildwood, NJ. She refuses to change her ways even though her refusal to pay a full salary threatens to drive off her GM.

    • 11/21/16

      In Albany, NY, Anthony tries to help out a hotel with filthy jacuzzis and poor management, but discovers he may be up against more than he can handle.

    • 11/14/16

      Anthony is up against a hotel owner in Alaska who has been cited for fire code violations, lost her liquor license, and bounced paychecks to her employees.

    • 11/7/16

      At the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas, Anthony finds caretakers who take great care of their big cats, but need to focus on their guests if they hope to keep the refuge going.

    • 10/31/16

      At the Clegg's Hotel on Fire Island, NY, Anthony deals with an owner that is less than straightforward with him.

    • 10/24/16

      Anthony tries to save three struggling hotels near Sturgis before the yearly Motorcycle Rally starts.

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