Hotel Impossible

Season 1 Episode 7

La Jolla Cove Suites - La Jolla, CA

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2012 on Travel Channel
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Anthony is called in to save a struggling hotel on the California beach that has a great view but filthy rooms, decaying brickwork,and no amenities.

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      • Anthony: Now I need to inspect one of their deluxe suites. This does not look like a hallway that leads to a deluxe suite. I'm supposed to have a deluxe suite. This feels more like the apartment building I grew up in Brooklyn.

      • Anthony: This chandelier seems very out-of-date. It's not only old and outdated, but it's ugly. The good news is, it's clean. I like clean, but I don't like old and ugly.

      • Anthony: How's a person in your situation with no money, your grandfather's legacy on the line, how do you keep getting up in the morning?
        Krista: You just do it.
        Anthony: So if you lost this hotel because you couldn't make it...?
        Krista: Yeah, I can't even imagine.

      • Anthony: They have everything going for them except this old, dated room.
        Blanche: So it's just the living room, right?
        Anthony: Come on.
        Blanche: It's not just the living room.
        Anthony: Have you met me?

      • Anthony: Bad engineering departments put out fires. Good engineering departments prevent them.

      • Anthony: Do you think that shirt is great for an interview?
        Luis: Uhh... yeah.
        Anthony: You think it's appropriate?
        Luis: Yeah. Yes.
        Anthony: Okay, that's one man's opinion.

      • Anthony: I want to see a party with at least a hundred people. Really show Krista that you can manage that space. Can you do it?
        Joy: I'm going to knock your socks off.
        Anthony: I think they just fell off right now.

      • Anthony: Your mom asked me to come to help her with the hotel. I just want to know, when it's your hotel, you going to hire me?
        Marco: No offense to you, but I think you'll be dead.

      • Anthony: To the memory of your parents, to the end of the struggle, and to the future.
        Krista: Cheers.
        Anthony: And to that...
        Krista: And to that.
        Anthony: Ridiculous sunset.

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