Hotel Impossible

Season 1 Episode 10

Newport Inn - Newport, RI

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 25, 2012 on Travel Channel
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Anthony is called in to help the Newport Inn & Whirlpool Suites and discovers that the owner is more interested in providing state-of-the-art gym equipment then clean hotel rooms and hot tubs.

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      • Anthony: About 1979 there was a memo that went out to all hotel owners in the world. It said whirlpool suites are kind of--it's over.
        John: Oh, it is? I missed that one.

      • Anthony: This is the suite where you can get the romance and bubbles package. I just have a feeling when I go in there, I may see a big champagne glass with two naked people in it.

      • Anthony: This luxury mattress cover has never been cleaned or at least hasn't been cleaned in 200 guests. If I had my romance and bubbles package, really kicked in, and we had a really wild night, and the sheets came off, I would literally pack up and run out of this hotel.

      • Anthony: I like my job, but sometimes I don't really like my job very much at all.

      • Anthony: It doesn't feel like romance and bubbles, it feels like bologna and beer.

      • Blanche: Oh, I didn't know if they had a pool or a hole in the floor.
        Anthony: Surprise.

      • Anthony: What do you believe in more, the hotel or the gym?
        John: I do believe in the gym. I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart. Good question. Oh, the hotel, I meant. I'm sorry, did I say that wrong? I meant I believe in the hotel. But you got to admit, this is nice equipment, right?

      • Anthony: You are scaring the living *bleep* out of me. Because you're running a hotel that's falling apart, that's going bankrupt, and you're spending $110,000 on a gym. I'm getting scared, John. I have filters that are filthy, I have light bulbs that are out, I have signs that are falling down, I have a pool that's collapsing, I have a bankruptcy last year almost. and I have a $110,000 gym without locker rooms that we're going to sell memberships for $40 a month to a thousand people that don't exist. I--I--I--got to get my head around this men. (walks out)
        John: What I was also gonna do was actually try to get the membership base up, so this was just a--are you back? Are you coming back?

      • Anthony: You're stuck with this equipment. You made some bad decisions.
        John: Probably, yes.
        Anthony: Bad decision.
        John: Bad decision.
        Anthony: Really bad decision.
        John: Really bad decision.
        Anthony: What's the biggest problem in this hotel?
        John: Maintenance.
        Anthony: What's the biggest problem in this hotel?
        John: Me.
        Anthony: Thank you.

      • Anthony: You're a ridiculously big dreamer. I like that about you, but it also scares me.

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