Hotel Impossible

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  • Love the show

    I own a vacation property management business in Myrtle Beach, . If Anthony could only see what I have seen over the past years. Only wish I could have met him while he was filming here in Myrtle Beach.
  • anthony is a smart man.

    we are big fans and watch you al the time, we like Anthony he is smart n funny guy.
  • Brings back memories

    I worked at a hotel for a few months when I was a rookie on the job market. Some of the episodes bring back memories. It was absolutely terrible. The owner knew nothing, and hired a manager who never set foot outside his office unless it was to harass us. I think he was secretly watching us on the cameras all day. I think both of them could have benefited from watching this show. Sadly, the once grand hotel is now a hostel.
  • Hotel Impossible is Awesome!

    Unless this show is staged, it is amazing to me how many people own hotels that do not have a clue on what they are doing! Some of these owners are so dumb, I can't believe they even had the money to buy a hotel, let alone try to run one. Most of the stuff Anthony recommends to them is truly common sense and anyone with an ounce of it would understand that. It makes you wonder if you want to even stay in a hotel the next time you go away.
  • Not only entertanment but educatinal as well.

    I truly enjoy this show. I am in the hotel industry and feel the first impression of your hotel is the most lasting impression. If this is the career you choose it is your job to make guest feel welcome and at home. And yes cleanliness is next to godliness. There are far to many people in this industry that don't belong. Every week Anthony seeks them out and shows them the error of there ways. Every hotel on the planet has room for improvement. And those who get help from Anthony are very lucky. Lastly a tip for the owners of the hotel Anthony visited in Fort Lauderdale, when you check a room to put it back into inventory bring a cleaning cloth. Blood on the door handle really? Thank you Anthony for educating these hotel owners and worker. By the way the hotel that I supervise is rated 26 on Trip Advisor love them as well.
  • Anthony, Keeping It Real

    Operation Sandy I: Thunderbird Motel feels like a Laundromat. After viewing That Show, checked out their site most of the Reviews were not favorable!! Watched their slide show it felt like you were viewing a run-down dive. Daddy Big Bucks and his family need to take their collective energy used against Anthony and bring their motel into the 21st Century with new beds, mattresses and sleep sofas, new linens and put in pots & pans, dishes. Their Guests will truly enjoy their extended stays. As much attention that The Jersey Shoreline received due to "Hurricane Sandy" out-town-people will come out spend time along those Jersey Shores, especially if their surroundings are inviting. I enjoy watching "Hotel Impossible" I am in Love with Anthony, he speaks his mind and not afraid to touch dirty areas with no gloves. This Show along with Andrew Zimmern's "Bizarre Foods" and The Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible" these Shows have caught my undivided attention.
  • I absolutely adore this show!

    Anthony is hilarious (kind of brutal sometimes, but he means well). I am completely hooked on this show!