Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Security is tightened when rumor of an assassination attempt by a Middle-Eastern terrorist group threatens Israeli minister Jacob Ben-Goz, who is preparing for a press conference at the hotel, unaware that Troy, a would-be assassin, has targeted Ben-Goz's advisor Evan Paige, a state department diplomat. Meanwhile, Patricia St. Claire, a young mother left destitute when her husband walked out, believes that becoming a prostitute is the only way she can pay the mortgage on her home. Peter comes to her rescue by securing her a job with a greeting card company. Harriet Gold, with help from her friend Sheila and spiritualist Felicity, attempts to communicate with her late husband, Morton, who died in the St. Gregory Hotel years before. She is seeking his permission to remarry. Dave believes a guest, Herbert Pitts, is an important hotel critic. The guest is subsequently given the red carpet treatment. Pitts, a man who's been ignored all his life, is overwhelmed by the exemplary treatment he receives. Upon checking out, he tells Peter he intends to return to Fresno and ask the guys to consider the St. Gregory Hotel for next year's bowling league convention.
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