Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fashion designer Nolan Miller and his fashion show director, Sally, set up for a gala. Diana Aikins, a model who is losing her youthful look, runs into wealthy Australian rancher Cody Blake, with whom she once had a brief romance. Cody persistently attempts to woo Diana, but Diana, who is up for an assignment with a new perfume line, has no desire to move to Australia. Learning that the perfume company will accept Diana only if she agrees to a face-lift, Cody proposes marriage and Diana accepts, leaving Christine to substitute for her at the fashion show. Dave and Megan are expecting a child, though Megan fears they cannot afford parenthood and should discuss an abortion. However, they learn the hospital was in error: Megan isn't pregnant. Peter is smitten by Alison Brunel after dinner at Alison's townhouse leads to a delightful night of love. Peter and Alison appear to be falling for each other when Alison reveals that she is in a celibate marriage with a wheelchair-bound husband. Her husband has followed them and offers to give up his wife to Peter. After Peter reluctantly tells Alison that their fling could never last, he walks away.