Season 2 Episode 9

Fallen Idols

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the St. Gregory Hotel to set up a sales conference, Martin Brennen immediately takes a liking to Mrs. Cabot's charity fund-raising supervisor, Grace. Grace likes Martin because he reminds her of a high school sweetheart who died 20 years before. Now using an alias, Martin actually was Grace's high school sweetheart. Grace's family told her that he died because they disapproved of him. Famous attorney Jay Falconer checks in to prepare a defense for a cosmopolitan client accused of a hit-and-run accident that claimed three lives. Bellman Dave, studying to be a lawyer, is in awe of Falconer, who hires Dave to be his aide in his off-hours. Megan disapproves, arguing that Falconer is an unscrupulous defender of sleazy "fat cats." When Falconer smears the reputation of the prosecution's key witness, Dave is disillusioned with the lawyer's dirty tactics and quits. Billy, Julie and Mark have tickets to a Michael Jackson concert, but when Billy loses the tickets, he scrambles to replace them without telling his two co-workers. Having found the tickets, Mark and Julie let Billy sweat it out, producing the tickets only after he confesses to losing them.