Season 2 Episode 28

Hearts and Minds

Aired Unknown Aug 21, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

Film star Jessica Daniels and her secretary and companion Fran Willis arrive at the hotel to be honored at a retrospective of her screen career. Her friendly ex-husband, Sal Pinelli, greets her, and the two still appear to be devoted to each other. Because Jessica has Alzheimer's Disease, Fran rehearses with Jessica for her appearance. When Jessica becomes incoherent, Sal escorts her from the rostrum and tells Jessica he wants to re-marry her and take care of her. Howard Terrell has ensconced his mistress, Arlene Greenspan, in his company's corporate suite, but now, because Terrell won't divorce his wife, Arlene refuses to vacate. Steven Parker, a resourceful employee, has the assignment to complete her eviction. Instead, Arlene and Steve fall in love. Englishman Edmund Bradshaw, one of London's finest innkeepers, arrives to visit Mrs. Cabot. When Bradshaw injures his leg in a scuffle with a photographer, he decides to sue the hotel. Bradshaw talks Christine into a game of poker: if Bradshaw wins, Christine comes to work for him in London, and if she wins, Bradshaw drops the suit. After Bradshaw wins, Christine is distraught, but Mrs. Cabot points out that Bradshaw always cheats and that Christine is thus not obligated to honor the wager.
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