Season 2 Episode 1

Intimate Strangers

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

Superstar Katherine Cole comes to town for a stage play, accompanied by her devoted manager Anthony. Katherine and Anthony's stormy love-hate relationship stretches back twenty years, and a misunderstanding at one of the rehearsals leads Katherine to fire Anthony. However, Katherine is too nervous to do the play without Anthony, and she frantically searches for him. After she finds him, he helps her face her fears and do the play. When Peter falls sick, the temporary secretary, Bobby, mothers him. While spoon-feeding chicken soup to Peter, Bobby suggests a blind date with her niece, Robin, who turns out to be the most gorgeous woman Peter has met in a long time. A hard-driving career woman, Pamela Harding, on a business trip away from her husband and young son, finds her long-missing ex-husband, Mike, among the hotel staff. Their reunion turns from acrimonious to passionate as they spend the night in Pamela's suite. When Pamela's husband Jeffrey Harding, and six-year-old Timmie, show up at the hotel, Mike discovers that Timmie is actually his son. They all handle the situation like adults, and the Hardings leave for a family vacation.