Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Jan 04, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Lauren Chapman gives her daughter, Darcy, a weekend at the hotel as a birthday gift, Darcy secretly invites her dad, Dr. Frank Chapman, to join the celebration. However, the teenager is distressed to learn she can't mend their broken marriage. Mrs. Cabot convinces Darcy she can never decide how others shall live. Harry Gilford tries unsuccessfully to frame an accident so that he and his wife can enjoy a second honeymoon at the hotel's expense. After several failed attempts, Harry confesses his scheme, then promptly saves a matronly hotel guest from injury in a real accident. The grateful hotel management rewards Harry and his wife with a free stay. The drab, plain-looking guest, Mary Morowsky, is smitten with Peter. Once in her room, she puts herself through a weird sexual ritual in his honor. From that evening on, Mary's blonde and sexy split personality "Monique" desperately tries to seduce Peter. When Peter resists, Monique attacks Peter with a pair of scissors. During the scuffle, her blonde wig falls off, and her personality immediately changes. Peter holds Mary as he calls a doctor.