Hotel - Season 2

ABC (ended 1988)


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  • Hearts and Minds
    Hearts and Minds
    Episode 28
    Film star Jessica Daniels and her secretary and companion Fran Willis arrive at the hotel to be honored at a retrospective of her screen career. Her friendly ex-husband, Sal Pinelli, greets her, and the two still appear to be devoted to each other. Because Jessica has Alzheimer's Disease, Fran rehearses with Jessica for her appearance.moreless
  • Passports
    Episode 27
    Nicholas and Olga Petrovsky are a middle-aged couple who have decided to return to Russia with their 16-year-old American-born son Alex. After a scholarship offer from Stanford tennis coach Ken Daily, Alex has an emotional argument with his father that ends with Nicholas striking his son. Olga finally tells Alex the truth: Nicholas is suffering from an incurable disease and wants to return to his homeland to die.moreless
  • Wins and Losses
    Wins and Losses
    Episode 26
    While preparing for the annual St. Gregory/Mark Hopkins Charity Softball Game, the Mark Hopkins Hotel's assistant manager, Brian Fox, falls for Christine and makes no effort to hide it. Christine likes Brian, but thinks that he comes on too strongly. At Christine's suggestion, Brian takes a more gentlemanly approach, and Christine ends up in his arms. When Brian lands the job of general manager at a luxury hotel in Boston, he asks Christine to join him, but Christine can't bring herself to desert Peter. Having promised Mary Tyson to look after her 15-year-old grandson Randy while she's out of town, Peter has checked the boy into a room at the hotel. A bit mixed-up, Randy secretly seeks escape in alcohol. When Peter catches Randy drinking with some other teens, Randy berates Peter and stumbles, striking his head. Later, Peter introduces Randy to a recovering alcoholic teen-ager who convinces Randy to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to deal with his problem.moreless
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 25
    The St. Gregory Hotel is the setting for a grim custody battle over a nine-year-old girl, Lindsay, when it is revealed that she is the missing child of Tom and Sally Banks. Lindsay is now in the custody of policeman Will Pomeroy and his wife, Cheryl. Will did not learn of the Banks' search until years after bringing the girl into the family. Though the Banks have a legal claim to Lindsay, the girl objects to the idea of leaving the Pomeroys for a pair of strangers. Lindsay points out that she has two mothers now and wishes to visit the Banks. Dave and Megan have their first serious quarrel when he brings in a con artist, Wade Stafford, who persuades Dave to give up law for a get-rich-quick scheme in real estate. Megan leaves to stay with Julie, then returns to their apartment to find that Wade has brought home a couple of girls to lift Dave's spirits. After losing a game of basketball, Peter realizes that he's no longer as young as he would like to believe. Peter feels better after beating Mark in a game of one-on-one, not knowing that it was fixed in order to cheer him up.moreless
  • Obsessions
    Episode 24
    The hotel is the setting for the fictitious wedding of popular soap opera stars Cliff Palmer and his leading lady, Stacy. When Cliff grants an interview to the charming young fan club president, Robin, she seduces Cliff over dinner, and they end up spending the night together. Cliff seems not to notice Robin's difficulty separating fiction and reality, laughing it off as a joke when she asks him not to go through with the on-camera wedding. It becomes clear that Robin is disturbed, however, when she puts on Stacy's wedding gown and attacks Cliff with a knife. A resourceful young shoe shiner, Hank, is determined to establish his own business in the hotel corridors, eluding Peter and charming the hotel staff. Eventually, Peter rewards Hank with his own approved shine stand. Meanwhile, the hotel is also hosting a sequestered jury. Feisty Estelle urges her roommate, Alison, to encourage an obvious pass by another juror, Joe. However, when Joe suggests dinner, Alison declines, much to Estelle's dismay. When Joe's roommate suggests that he swap his macho attitude for a sensitive one, and Estelle arranges for Alison and Joe to be alone, love finds the way.moreless
  • Resolutions
    Episode 23
    Two wine-making brothers, Vincent and Anthony Palandrini continue their long-standing feud at a wine conference. When Vincent's assistant, Link, asks Anthony for his blessings to marry his daughter, Camila, Anthony says he doesn't have a daughter. When Mrs. Cabot brings father and daughter together, it is revealed that Anthony believes Vincent slept with his wife and that Camila is actually his brother's daughter. However, Vincent swears that they never consummated their love. While Vincent's wine is being awarded a top prize at the conference, Vincent and Anthony are working out their differences in the hotel wine cellar. When the brothers return to the awards ceremony, Anthony signals their reconciliation with a glowing tribute to his brother. Billy is reunited with his childhood sweetheart, Michelle, the discontented wife of politician Lucas Todd. When Lucas abruptly cancels his vacation with Michelle for one of his typical last-minute meetings, Michelle informs Lucas that she's leaving him for Billy. When Lucas makes a sincere effort to change, Billy decides not to break up the marriage, and Michelle and her husband reconcile.moreless
  • Detours
    Episode 22
    Eli Gilmour, a divorced father, reunites with his two children, Quinn, 13, and Josh, 11, after a six month absence. Although Eli has worried that they wouldn't accept his live-in girlfriend, Maxine, his children are more troubled by Eli's efforts to compensate for his feelings of failure. Though their reunion and Eli's behavior are unsteady, when the mother is suddenly hospitalized in critical condition, Eli comes through for Quinn and Josh. A divorced song-writing team, Fran Clark and Larry Matthews, is forced to collaborate on modernizing their 25-year-old hit musical for a revival production. By the time the producer enthusiastically approves the rewrite, Fran and Larry are headed for the altar one more time. After suffering a back injury in an accident, Mrs. Cabot misinterprets a prescription and becomes addicted to pain pills. Peter and Christine are alarmed by Mrs. Cabot's dramatic mood swings; when Peter offers Mrs. Cabot some helpful advice, she fires him for insubordination. Mrs. Cabot soon reinstates Peter and moves toward recovery.moreless
  • Illusions
    Episode 21
    J. Scott "Scotty" Foreman, a wartime Air Force hero, record-breaking jet pilot, financial wizard, author and philanthropist, is in town for a banquet honoring him as Man of the Year. With him are his socially prominent wife, Jessica, and his aide, Russ Turnbull. Trailing after him are reporters Ray Stern and Natasha Cellini, who is assigned to do an in-depth feature on Foreman. Scotty disapproves of the relationship between his daughter, Melinda, and struggling actor Brian MacArthur, even though Scotty himself has a mistress staying at the hotel. Peter and Natasha, former lovers, revive their former affair in Natasha's room. Natasha knows of Scotty's troubled family life, including his estrangement from one son and the suicide of another, but decides not to reveal this in her story. Instead, she intends to concentrate on the strength of his wife, Jessica. Aware of his languishing acting career, Scotty tells Brian that he will secure the movie role Brian recently auditioned for if he agrees to stop seeing Melinda. Brian ultimately decides Melinda is more important than Scotty's offer. On the day he is to receive the Man of the Year award, Scotty dies of a heart attack.moreless
  • Skeletons
    Episode 20
    While preparing for the annual St. Gregory/Mark Hopkins Charity Softball Game, the Mark Hopkins Hotel's assistant manager, Brian Fox, falls for Christine and makes no effort to hide it. Christine likes Brian, but thinks that he comes on too strongly. At Christine's suggestion, Brian takes a more gentlemanly approach, and Christine ends up in his arms. When Brian lands the job of general manager at a luxury hotel in Boston, he asks Christine to join him, but Christine can't bring herself to desert Peter. Having promised Mary Tyson to look after her 15-year-old grandson Randy while she's out of town, Peter has checked the boy into a room at the hotel. A bit mixed-up, Randy secretly seeks escape in alcohol. When Peter catches Randy drinking with some other teens, Randy berates Peter and stumbles, striking his head. Later, Peter introduces Randy to a recovering alcoholic teen-ager who convinces Randy to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to deal with his problem.moreless
  • Images
    Episode 19
    Cathy Connelly is a disturbed young lady hiding a big secret. After testifying in a mob trial, she has been given a completely new identity by the FBI. Now, however, her former husband, a hoodlum named Frank Brenner, has tracked her down and wants her back. Cathy realizes that the gangsters will trace her through Frank. Because Frank threatens revenge against her boyfriend Sam Parrish, Cathy cannot accept Sam's marriage proposal. Mrs. Cabot turns matchmaker, reuniting recently-widowed Elizabeth Hastings with her boyfriend of many years past, Daniel Gerard. Elizabeth looks beautiful and seems to be emerging from the depression brought on by her husband's death. However, a mother-and-daughter controversy develops after Elizabeth's daughter Brook spurns an obvious pass by a young man, playboy Cliff Walton, and learns later that her mom shared her bed with him. A wealthy, elderly gentleman passes away and wills Christine his 40-year-old Rolls Royce limousine plus the services of his devoted chauffeur, Charlie. Christine decides to sell the Rolls, but when she recognizes the car is Charlie's only joy in life, she changes her mind.moreless
  • Identities
    Episode 18
    World-renowned pianist Diana Renard has a reunion with old Julliard classmates, Russ and Stephanie McMullen. Diana blames Stephanie for holding Russ back as a musician. When Stephanie confesses that she had lied about being pregnant to keep Russ away from Diana 15 years earlier, Russ and Diana spend the night together. Frank Prescott checks in with his 12-year-old son Anthony, a computer whiz. Frank is too busy with work to do any of the things he and Anthony had planned, so Anthony turns to hacking the hotel's computer system. Soon after Mark catches a purse-snatcher and becomes a local hero and his girlfriend Jill asks him to live with her, a newspaper reporter asks to write a story about his heroics. As Peter and Christine prepare to take Mark and Jill out, a police inspector arrests Mark for assault of an old girlfriend, a charge that Mark denies. Jill begins to doubt Mark's innocence, and the reporter writes a sensationalized story of a tarnished hero. When the charges are dropped, Jill returns, but Mark decides he needs someone with more faith in him.moreless
  • Bystanders
    Episode 17
    Gerald Phelps, a shy advertising artist, nervously prepares to meet his pen pal of several years, Mary Ellen Carson. Mary Ellen is gorgeous, but Gerald, due to his own insecurity, had sent a handsome photo of Peter after Mary Ellen requested a picture. When Mary Ellen arrives, Christine plays along by introducing Peter as Gerald and vice versa. Ted Travers discovers that Sandy Leonard, a girl he had romanced two years ago, is now engaged to Ted's father, Randall Travers. Now Randall would like Ted to join his firm, an offer his son rejects. Fred Hampton, a former professional football star forced to retire because of a knee injury, now works at the St. Gregory Hotel as a bellman. Fred tries to avoid contact with ex-professional player Perry Walker (LYNN SWAN), who is hosting a reunion of his old teammates.moreless
  • Sleeping Dogs
    Sleeping Dogs
    Episode 16
    Christine's old friends, Sarah Oliver and Patty Maloney, join their mutual friend, Mandy Vining, in celebrating her wedding to Roger, a man whom all four women have known before. Tom Sherman, who is a bonded courier and Billy's friend, meets his new love, Anne Cowley, host of a television cooking series, and her son Bobby Cowley after they arrive at the St. Gregory Hotel on a visit from their home in New York. Anne and Tom enjoy a candlelit dinner, until she tells him that her late husband was murdered. Later, after making love in Anne's room, Tom recognizes Anne's husband from a picture: it is the man he accidentally killed when he was an FBI agent. Meanwhile, Peter faces an IRS audit with April Bradshaw without the assistance of his accountant who was rushed to the hospital with a kidney stone. April grills Peter about his numerous tax-deductible lunches, and although affected by his wit, looks askance at his invitation to dinner while she is involved in the audit.moreless
  • Distortions
    Episode 15
    Barbara and Dennis Medford are in town for Barbara to accept her award as Today's Woman Magazine's contest for new dress designers. As usual, Dennis is distracted by other women. When the magazine's marketing director, Warren Nicholson, showers Barbara with attention and the two end up in bed together, Dennis admits for the first time that he has treated her poorly. Adrian Fitzpatrick, Peter's former romantic interest, seeks refuge from her unfaithful husband. After many drinks, Adrian invites Peter into her room. When Peter turns her down, she rakes her fingernails across his face. Later, after her husband Jack demands a divorce, Adrian takes a stranger back to her room; after the stranger rapes her, Adrian names Peter as the rapist. When she fails to win her husband back with sympathy, Adrian admits to the lie.moreless
  • Anniversary
    Episode 14
    The Korsak family gathers for the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Adam and Nell. Adam's accountant and Nell use the opportunity for a romantic interlude in their secret love affair. Nell later asks Adam for a divorce. Their son Michael, separated from his wife, is there with his ten-year-old daughter Jessie, who is caught shoplifting from the gift shop. Michael's wife demands more money in the divorce settlement if Michael wants to keep Jessie. Adam is furious with his daughter Joanna for getting an abortion after having an affair with a married man. Joanna informs her father that his brother, Uncle Ray, had raped her when she was a child. Consequently, Adam finds Ray and beats him mercilessly. Adam and Nell reconcile and the whole family gathers for a happy conclusion to the Korsaks' 35th Anniversary.moreless
  • Crossroads
    Episode 13
    The staff prepares for the engagement party of Kelly Howland and Brad Dodge. Kelly's father Ned has urged the marriage for financial reasons: his company needs a merger with Victor Dodge's firm to survive. Ned's wife Margot assures her daughter that love can come later. However, Kelly is in love with a young mathematics teacher, David Newman; in fact, she is carrying his child. Adding more complication, Jonathan Talbot, who is an alcoholic, introduces himself to Kelly as her long-lost Uncle Jonathan. Actually, he is Margot's former lover and Kelly's true father. Due to Ned Howland's actions, Jonathan saw his business crumble and then he sought solace in the bottle. Meanwhile, Christine has learned that a lump in her breast may be malignant. Because the same problem claimed her mother's life, Christine is terrified and turns to Peter for comfort. Peter and Christine drink too much wine, and spend the night together, but they're too inebriated to share anything but sleep and a hangover. Christine seeks a second opinion from a doctor, who advises surgery. Peter remains at Christine's side, and later shares her joy when the growth turns out to be benign.moreless
  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings
    Episode 12
    Gayla and Steve Erickson are in San Francisco to confer with a specialist about their ten-year-old son, Josh, who is dying from a rare blood disease. In preparing for a bone marrow transplant, the doctor's tests reveal that Steve is not Josh's biological father. Alice and Bill Korman arrange a blind date for their unmarried, plain friend, Millie Broome, who is in town for a teachers' conference. When the date has to cancel, Alice hires a professional escort, Charles Vandoor, who spends the night with Millie and finds himself infatuated. While Charles waits for the right moment to reveal his line of work, Millie accidentally finds out from Charles's enthusiastic former client. Receiving most of the attention at the St. Gregory Hotel, however, is the celebrated clairvoyant Constantin Markos, who is in town to perform his unique skills. Markos, an old acquaintance of Mrs. Cabot's, impresses Peter when he predicts that a redhead will soon enter his life.moreless
  • Love and Honor
    Love and Honor
    Episode 11
    Ellen Lindstrom winds up in the room of a British diplomat, Anthony Mortlake, who introduces Ellen to heroin. Later that night, he finds Ellen in the bathroom, dead. When police inspector Alvarez suggests a search for a syringe, Mortlake refuses to open his dispatch case on the basis of diplomatic immunity. Joe Lindstrom, father of the dead girl, arrives at the hotel and hides in Mortlake's suite, watching him set up for an injection. Lindstrom holds Mortlake at bay with a pistol and calls for police. Lisa Herrick waits at the hotel for her boyfriend, who has been delayed. Disappointed, Lisa wins the sympathy of Zack Shepherd, an old friend of Mrs. Cabot. Actually, Lisa is there to meet with attorney Sylvester Sullivan regarding the inheritance she is receiving from a mysterious guardian who has looked after her needs since she was an orphaned baby. Julie is juggling romances with two delegates of a computer convention, Errol and Kaz. Christine overhears Errol and Kaz making a bet as to which one will lure Julie into an affair first. She tips off Julie, who exacts revenge by inviting both men to the same rendezvous.moreless
  • Promises
    Episode 10
    Lynn Valli, a former hotel masseuse, and her Italian husband Eduardo celebrate their honeymoon. However, they aren't in love. Eduardo's lover, Monica Shawlcross, who is married, has paid Lynn to pose as Eduardo's wife to get him into the country. When Lynn and Eduardo fall in love, Eduardo must decide between the two women. Christine is excited when her godfather, Matt Carmichael, checks in; she hasn't seen him in ten years. After Matt charms Mrs. Cabot, they begin a romantic affair. Although Christine is pleased to see the two together, Christine discovers through irregularities in Matt's hotel bill payments that her godfather has been leeching money from wealthy widows. Peter has reluctantly agreed to allow Nick Desmond, an actor friend of bellman Dave, to follow him around and prepare for his stage performance as a hotel manager. Nick annoys Peter as the hammy actor imitates Peter and even makes decisions in his absence. Peter is finally able to laugh when a review of the play comes out, panning Nick's performance.moreless
  • Fallen Idols
    Fallen Idols
    Episode 9
    At the St. Gregory Hotel to set up a sales conference, Martin Brennen immediately takes a liking to Mrs. Cabot's charity fund-raising supervisor, Grace. Grace likes Martin because he reminds her of a high school sweetheart who died 20 years before.
  • Final Chapters
    Final Chapters
    Episode 8
    Billy is distraught when his father William Sr. suddenly appears at the hotel. It is revealed that William Sr. disappeared after he and Billy's mother divorced; Billy hasn't heard from William Sr. in eight years.
  • Ideals
    Episode 7
    Sarah, the eight-year-old daughter of hotel tenants Jean and Phil Lawrence, is suffering from headaches resulting from a recent fall. After a sudden turn in the child's illness, Christine calls Dr. Kellin, who suspects a blood clot in the brain and prescribes immediate tests and possible emergency surgery.
  • Vantage Point
    Vantage Point
    Episode 6
    Peter hosts a reunion with college classmates Hal Dryer and Lester Hooten, who has become a rich cattle rancher and has married his college sweetheart, Tracy. The reunion turns sour when Hal flirts with Christine, and Lester becomes jealous of the warm rapport that develops between Peter and Tracy.
  • Outsiders
    Episode 5
    A booksellers' convention lures Agatha Deming, author of a lurid best-selling novel, Wilma Klein, a highly regarded editor, and Nick Braithwaite, a harsh book critic. Agatha and Nick meet by accident, hiding their true identities from each other.
  • Transitions
    Episode 4
    Television sportscaster, Larry Dawson, and his director, Biff Henry, are in San Francisco to telecast a '49ers' football game. When Larry's wife Maggie arrives unexpectedly, she finds her husband and Biff in a flagrant situation, and she's stunned when her husband admits he's bisexual.
  • Fantasies
    Episode 3
    Peter enjoys a reunion with old friends, Kurt and Judy Milford. Peter, who used to date Judy, invites the couple to dinner, but Kurt bows out. When Judy returns from the dinner, Kurt drunkenly accuses her of cheating and beats her.
  • Flesh and Blood
    Flesh and Blood
    Episode 2
    Paula Todd has a reunion with her long-lost sister, Stephanie, a workaholic antique dealer, and her husband, Preston Dwyer. Paula and Stephanie's meeting is emotional, but Stephanie keeps busy and leaves Paula and Preston together.
  • Intimate Strangers
    Intimate Strangers
    Episode 1
    Superstar Katherine Cole comes to town for a stage play, accompanied by her devoted manager Anthony. Katherine and Anthony's stormy love-hate relationship stretches back twenty years, and a misunderstanding at one of the rehearsals leads Katherine to fire Anthony.
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