Hotel - Season 5

ABC (ended 1988)


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  • Aftershocks (2)
    Aftershocks (2)
    Episode 16
    Since the announcement of wedding plans for Peter and Devon Sloan, the interior designer hired to re-decorate the hotel, Christine has been depressed. Peter's fiancee has begun to interfere with hotel operations. Unable to convince Peter that Devon's meddling is hurting the hotel's operations, Christine resigns. Peter recognizes Christine's great value, but it's too late. Peter decides that he and Devon are too much alike and neither one could change enough to make their marriage work. Reluctantly, Devon agrees and packs for departure. Later, Peter begs Christine to return. One of the reasons Peter broke up with Devon is the love he still feels for Christine. Cliff Phillips, the personable new assistant manager, is enjoying the rekindling of a friendship he formed with two other men when they shared jury duty a year ago. Tom Conner, the aggressive jury foreman, arranged the reunion with Cliff and Joe Duran for a serious reason. Their jury had acquitted a suspected serial killer for lack of evidence. Since that time, Conner has uncovered evidence that could have convicted Wayne Holtz. Since suspects cannot be tried twice for the same crime, Conner plans to lure Holtz to the hotel and kill him.moreless
  • Grand Designs (1)
    Grand Designs (1)
    Episode 15
    Julie enjoys a blind date with Billy's friend, Keith Andrews. Later on, however, Julie has to fend off a rape attempt by Keith. The next day, Keith lies, saying that Julie came on strong, and when he resisted, she became very weird. Keith makes a play for another girl in the lobby, Marcy James. Julie tries to warn Marcy about Keith, but the girl ignores Julie's advice and faces severe consequences. While Peter and Christine's romantic rapport dwindles, Peter becomes involved with the interior designer he has just hired, Devon Sloan, a beautiful international socialite. Christine becomes increasingly frustrated as Devon occupies all of Peter's time, leaving her with the overwhelming job of running the hotel. After Devon corners Peter and proposes marriage, Peter consults Christine, who wishes him happiness and exits the office. Once alone, Christine bursts into tears. Peter, taking Christine at her word, returns to Devon and endorses the wedding plans with one exception: he will make the proposal, and she will be the one to accept.moreless
  • Contest of Wills
    Contest of Wills
    Episode 14
    Fashion consultant Sydney Page is unable to find a male model for a new clothing line until she meets Chuck Fisher, the hotel's plumber. Chuck exudes sex appeal, and Sydney tries to talk him into doing a photo session. When Chuck expresses that he hates modeling, Sydney resorts to seduction in an effort to change his mind. They spend the night together, but Chuck still refuses to model. Sydney realizes she'd rather have a man in her life than a model for her fashion campaign, and the two make up. A crusty businessman from Maine, Vein Lambert, whose daughter Joanne has been killed in an accident, comes to gather up her personal effects and take her back to Maine for burial. Lambert is unaware that, for the past six years, Joanne had lived with her lesbian lover, Carol Bowman, the hotel's catering manager. Lambert contacts Peter and demands that Carol be dismissed for corrupting his daughter. Peter tries to reason with Lambert, who wants, among other things, to take back an heirloom that Joanne had given to Carol. As Lambert and Carol go through Joanne's belongings, their memories of her dissolve their hostilities, and Carol travels back to Maine with Lambert for the funeral.moreless
  • Till Death Do Us Part
    Peter has given Andrea Green, a photographer-friend of Julie's, a chance at the photo assignment for the new hotel brochure. Andrea's father Louis is highly critical of his daughter's work ethics, which leads to bitter family squabbling. Andrea's mother Sonya, rapidly succumbing to Alzheimer's, begs her husband and daughter to work things out. Architect David Welch befriends Christine and offers to help convert Christine's Napa Valley barn into a home. While Christine and David share a dinner date, David's ex-wife Rebecca visits Peter. Rebecca demands that Peter stop Christine's affair with her husband before the hotel gets caught up in a scandal. Later, Rebecca trips Christine on a stairway, causing her a painful fall. Peter tells Christine to work at home for a few days until he and Billy can get rid of the obsessive ex-wife. Rebecca, however, visits Christine in her apartment and holds Christine at knifepoint as she screams accusations. When a phone call from Peter interrupts the confrontation, Rebecca slashes the phone cord. Peter races to the apartment and uses logic to disarm Rebecca, who collapses in tears. David takes Rebecca back to Denver for psychiatric treatment, and Christine expresses her gratitude to Peter.moreless
  • Double Take
    Double Take
    Episode 12
    An Elegant matron, Barbara Lyman, swears she's marked for death because she witnessed a murder in the hotel that nobody else can prove really happened. Despite two more terrifying encounters with the killer, Barbara can get little help from Billy or Inspector Chin. The so-called killer turns out to be her husband, who often appears as the villain in Barbara's paranoid hallucinations. Peter books his favorite country singer, Joe Daniels, to perform in the hotel nightclub. Joe's career has deteriorated from alcohol, but he is starting a comeback after a five-year absence. His 18-year-old son Mark, who has his own drinking problem, is disappointed when his father hits the bottle again. Joe's ex-wife Lisa is there too, and tells Joe about his son's developing alcoholism. On opening night, Joe is surprisingly sober, giving them the hope of reuniting as a family.moreless
  • Power Play
    Power Play
    Episode 11
    Charles Cabot, half-owner of the St. Gregory Hotel, introduces Peter to Lee Jordon, who represents a resort conglomerate interested in buying the hotel. Peter resists any thought of a sale because running the hotel is the only life he wants. Lee is willing to settle for Charles's share and day-to-day participation in running the hotel. Peter obtains a bank loan to buy out Charles's share of the hotel; though Peter's offer is less than Lee's, Charles sells his share to Peter, making Peter the sole owner of the hotel. Two young married couples share a large suite for a brief vacation in San Francisco. Jonas Robinson, a nose-to-the-grindstone accountant, is married to Melissa, a frivolous fun-loving blonde; and journalist Sean Marris, a rakish bon vivant, is married to Kate, a prim, practical woman. A daytrip turns into an impulsive fling for Sean and Melissa, which draws Jonas and Kate together for a more serious affair.moreless
  • Comfort and Joy
    Comfort and Joy
    Episode 10
    With Christmas only two days away, new full owner Peter and general manager Christine prepare to host the annual St. Gregory Hotel staff party. Among the honored guests this year are Dave, the ex-bellman who became a San Diego attorney, and his pregnant wife Megan. Peter and Christine, returning from a Portland convention, become marooned in a remote mountain village when their rented Porsche breaks down. Because the local garage doesn't have the auto parts to repair the Porsche, Peter and Christine are forced to stay in a decrepit boarding house room with only one bed. On the second night, Peter and Christine share the bed with a hanging sheet as a partition, but eventually end up in each other's arms. Although they have drifted into friendship, the incident brings them closer together. The hotel party is in full swing as Peter and Christine return and learn that Megan has given birth to a healthy baby boy. They rush to congratulate the new parents, and Dave makes a short but touching speech about the greatest Christmas gift two people could ever receive.moreless
  • Prized Possessions
    Prized Possessions
    Episode 9
    Travel magazine editor Myrna Dawson has an irreplaceable heirloom emerald pin stolen and threatens to publish an unfavorable story about the hotel unless it is recovered. Billy contacts Phil Kroger, a noted private investigator specializing in jewel thefts on an international scale. Kroger spots Trevor Harris in the lobby and identifies him as the jewel thief he's been unable to catch. The news is surprising to Christine because Trevor Harris, a very personable man, has already charmed her into considering a dinner invitation. Christine accepts the invitation in order to keep Trevor at the hotel, while Kroger secretly plots to frame Trevor. Ben Garfield and his adoring nine-year-old grandson Jason arrive fresh from a fishing excursion in Yosemite. Ever since Jason's father (Ben's son) lost his life in a skydiving mishap, the boy's mother, Susan Garfield, has resented Ben's influence on the child. Susan is about to remarry. Because Ben has spirited Jason away without her knowledge or permission, Susan has filed kidnapping charges and a supermarket tabloid has reported the story. An employee recognizes Ben from the tabloid photo, and Peter confronts the grandfather. Peter sympathizes but insists that Ben call Susan to inform her of her son's whereabouts.moreless
  • Mixed Emotions
    Mixed Emotions
    Episode 8
    Alex Shepard, a workaholic husband whose business life is endangering his happy marriage, has been receiving death threats against his lonely wife Donna. To shield Donna from harm, Peter takes her out for a boat trip, since Alex is too busy with his latest business deal. Donna is flattered by Peter's attentions, but becomes angry when she discovers he's only doing it to protect her. She reveals that she doesn't need a baby-sitter: she's been sending the death threats to herself, in order to gain her husband's companionship. Dave is offered an excellent job with a law firm in San Diego, and Megan gives him the news that she is expecting the birth of their first child. Not wanting to lose Megan as her secretary, Christine therefore offers Dave a job on the hotel's legal staff. Since Dave prefers the trial law job, he and Megan quarrel. After Dave agrees to take the hotel job for Megan's sake, she changes her mind and opts for San Diego when she realizes that she is squashing a dream they have shared for a long time.moreless
  • Dark Horses
    Dark Horses
    Episode 7
    The staff is agog over the arrival of Senator James Powell. He's a leading presidential candidate and Christine, who met Powell during her vacation, is rumored in the tabloids as the woman he plans to marry. Peter regards the rumors with mixed emotions. Billy also has mixed emotions when he learns that Powell's security is in the hands of Ross Reynolds. Billy and Ross grew up together, but when Billy moves to greet him, Reynolds brushes by him. Another hotel employee, Cheryl Dolan, meets Scott Osborne, an unaccredited yet charismatic press photographer who hopes to make a name for himself with his coverage of Powell. Scott's camera case actually conceals the components of a high-powered rifle and his target is Powell. Senator Powell arranges an intimate dinner for two and proposes marriage to Christine, who asks for time to think about her answer. At a banquet for Senator Powell, Scott pulls out his gun, and Billy shouts a warning to Reynolds, who tackles Powell, removing him from target range as Scott fires. Christine tells Senator Powell that she admires him greatly, but she could never accept life in a fishbowl, sharing her husband with the public and the press.moreless
  • Revelations
    Episode 6
    High school teacher Nancy Rhodes and lounge pianist Kyle Stanton share a honeymoon suite following their swift, one-week courtship and marriage. Their bliss is suddenly interrupted, however, by the arrival of Kyle's father, George Stanton, a tough, no-nonsense businessman who brands Nancy a gold digger and demands to know her price for an annulment. Nancy, unaware of Kyle's wealthy background, resents the elder Stanton's insinuations. A short time later, she is further distressed to meet socialite Hilary Sinclair, who introduces herself as Kyle's fiancée. Peter is delighted by a visit from his favorite grandmother, Katherine Jenkins, and her best friend since childhood days, Roz Campbell, who has come along to see a heart specialist. Peter is unaware that Roz is his true grandmother. Katherine painstakingly explains to Peter that Roz was 18-years-old, unwed and pregnant when Peter's real grandfather was sent overseas and lost his life in battle. The revelation stuns Peter. Roz is unaware that Peter now knows of his heritage, as he escorts Roz to the park for a lovely day's outing. Roz suffers a heart attack, but before she dies, she clears the air of any regrets.moreless
  • Desperate Moves
    Desperate Moves
    Episode 5
    Helen Johnson, a married career woman, informs her young boyfriend Gary that she is ending their affair and that her husband and 20-year-old daughter, Monica, are joining her for a family vacation. Seeking revenge, Gary makes Monica's acquaintance in the lobby and begins seducing her, and Helen is forced to confess her affair to Monica in order to derail the vengeful seduction. The new receptionist, Cheryl, is upset by a surprise visit from her mother, Beatrice, who arrives without luggage or a reservation. Beatrice reveals that she has had a fight with Cheryl's father in Brooklyn and has come out to San Francisco seeking the same independence as her daughter. When Cheryl shows her mother all the downsides to the single lifestyle, Beatrice heads back home to her husband. Peter has a close brush with death that radically changes his outlook on life. As a result, he no longer has patience for his work, thinking instead about a long trip around the world. Having witnessed a similar situation with his uncle who left his family behind to wander the world, Billy talks some sense into Peter, who begins concentrating on issues at hand and reunites with Christine.moreless
  • Born to Run
    Born to Run
    Episode 4
    While visiting a horse-breeding farm for a possible purchase, Peter becomes the object of 22-year-old Blaine McDermott's affection. Through seductiveness and trickery, Blaine gets Peter alone and draws him into a passionate kiss, though Peter is reluctant. Peter claims that he is engaged to Christine, even though their relationship has actually cooled to a friendship. Later, Christine accompanies Peter to Blaine's family's horse farm, where Blaine puts her rival on a skittish horse, which injures Christine. When Peter finds Blaine naked under the sheets of his bed, he successfully ends the relationship by calling her parents. In town for a job interview, anxiously unemployed David Endicott and his wife Gail are disturbed by the disappearance of sexual relations from their marriage. The recent loss of David's job has plunged him into deep depression, but Gail is convinced the absence of intimacy is the result of another woman. Pressed, David confesses that he is impotent, though a visit to a doctor turned up no physical cause. When David bursts into tears, Gail challenges him to fight for what he needs and to stop being a defeatist. David sees the light, and they begin to repair their relationship.moreless
  • And Baby Makes Two
    And Baby Makes Two
    Episode 3
    Garment manufacturer Robert Matthews, whose business brings him to San Francisco twice a month, is having an affair with dress designer Lynn Patterson. Their affair is interrupted when Robert's dutiful wife Gail pays him a surprise visit. Distraught, Gail seeks the solace of an old friend, Margaret Hudson, who advises Gail to win back Robert's love. Meanwhile, Lynn informs Robert that she has tested positive for AIDS and that Robert has been exposed to the virus. Robert knows that if he tests negative, he won't have to admit his unfaithfulness to his wife. Christine finds an abandoned baby in one of the rooms and plays baby-sitter while Billy seeks out the mother. Christine, who had been abandoned by her own father at an early age, relates strongly to the motherless child. Christine obtains permission from the child services department to be the baby's foster parent. Noticing that Christine is getting too deeply involved with somebody else's child, Peter begins to show concern. The following day, Peter calls Christine into his office and introduces her to Barbara Warren, the baby's mother, who has returned to claim her child.moreless
  • Reservations
    Episode 2
    Christine decides to move to a larger apartment, but the realtor has promised the apartment to another applicant as well: Michael Casey, a retired airline pilot. Michael gallantly withdraws his offer and Christine helps him find temporary lodging at the hotel. The friendship between Christine and Michael blossoms, causing Peter some concern. Michael starts to get serious about Christine, but she cannot commit herself. Leslie Chase, a former New Orleans socialite, is using a suite to operate an escort service. Peter is an old friend of Leslie's, but he is unaware of the nature of her business. Seeing Christine's involvement with Michael, Peter spends time with Leslie, which sparks a mutual attraction. Leslie adds to her staff of escorts a beautiful model named Dana March. Dana, a close friend of Julie's, has found modeling jobs scarce and desperately needs work. When Julie questions Dana about her new job, Dana brushes her aside. Dana finds herself in deep trouble when a client gets rough. Alerted by a hotel maid, Billy finds Dana badly beaten and calls for the paramedics. Peter and Christine openly discuss their romantic interludes and realize that they care the most about each other.moreless
  • Hail and Farewell
    Hail and Farewell
    Episode 1
    Richard Anderson, whose wife has been declared dead but whose body has never been recovered, hires a psychic, Natalie Trent, to verify her death. At a séance, Natalie brings forth the voice of his wife Linda, who accuses Anderson of plotting her accident. Later in Natalie's suite, the real Linda appears, having recruited Aunt Natalie for a sting operation to prove her husband's guilt. After figuring out that his wife is alive and in the hotel, Anderson devises a plot to lure both Linda and Natalie to their death. Dave, having passed the bar, seeks employment as a lawyer. While Megan plans to keep her job unless she and Dave have to move out of San Francisco, Dave is offered an interview for a promising position with a firm in San Diego. Christine, whose torrid love affair with her boss Peter has reverted to a less volatile friendship, is dismayed that Peter has chosen another date for the annual Hotel Association Awards Banquet. Christine finds a date for the banquet when she meets Kevin Masters, an investment counselor. Peter suggests a double-date, but when his date cancels, Christine has to juggle two men.moreless