Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Eight-year-old Amy is molested while staying at the hotel. Her stepfather, Phil Jamison, blames Hank Miller, a male college student working as the hotel baby-sitter. Frightened, Amy goes along with Phil's accusation, but Hank vehemently denies it. When Peter confronts the Jamisons, Amy reveals that it was her stepfather. Amy's mother, Carole assures Phil that Amy will testify against him in court. On a sabbatical from the priesthood, Chad Lawrence struggles to decide between the priesthood and sharing his life with a woman. A talk with his bishop doesn't resolve Chad's conflict. Chad later meets Gerry Howland, who shows him the joys of romance. However, Chad fails to reveal that he is a priest, and Gerry never mentions she is married; the painful discovery leaves them both a little wiser. Bellman Dave has overheard two men discuss the tearing down of the St. Gregory Hotel to make way for a fifty-story skyscraper. He informs Megan, and the rumor soon spreads. Peter finds himself surrounded by employees anxious to know if the St. Gregory is being torn down. The employees cheer after Peter assures them that no such idea has been entertained.