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  • forced to watch

    hey guys my name is mike hawk. i was at the dentist today and was forced to watch this trash during my appointment. the two people living in italy trying to find an apartment for under 1000 are broke as hell and they are too picky. in the follow up episode the how the heck are those two lovely gay russian men affording to buy an 800000 house in mexico for vacations. this leads me to belief that this show its obviously fake an staged. i rate 1 star
  • Overall I like Americans BUT

    I really enjoy this program and love the different houses, views and cultures highlighted, however I often end up speaking angrily at the television with the visiting Americans expecting and wanting accomodation " just like home". They are often so ill mannered and want it all again " just like home". With houses often very old, they expect big rooms, ensuites, American appliances and regularly complain about costs. They often say they love culture and history but don't expect any changes from " back home". Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Read up and prepare yourself, immerse yourself in the history and culture and the kids need to do the same. They don't need a monster fridge, biggest tv , ensuites to every bedroom. Try to appreciate the gift of learning about different countries who are very proud of THEIR country too. Hence it is an enjoyable program to watch to learn about different and interesting housing locations but frustrating to watch too many entitled Americans complaining about what they left behind. Stay home then.
  • Irritated at chauvinistic husband!

    Season 100 episode 6 was about an American man and his (traditional) Japanese wife moving to Japan, It left me feeling so bad for her and wanting to slap him! When it came to finally choosing the house in the end I completely agreed with her about what the sensible home choice should be but he condescendingly just ignored her and said "I'm going to go with what I feel is right". Of course in the afterward he admitted that the home was a money pit yet not a thing had been really done to this place he bought for a song. He then tried to make this lame display of sawing a 1x6 board as though he was handyman extraordinaire and talking about how it makes him feel so "zen" to feel wood in his hands. I rarely make comments like this about shows, but this one was just so blatantly sexist with the addition of the "cultural standard" that it left me pissed.
  • Annoying

    Can't they come up with some new ideas instead of showing the same thing for every show.

    They started doing this over the past year. They must have felt they weren't annoying enough doing the same thing every show so they figured let's mix it up and have one spouse liking the city and the other spouse liking the more rural areas. Then we'll do this for every single show. We're sure the viewers won't notice that we added another annoying element to the show. Well we have noticed and it makes the show unwatchable. Don't the producers of this show have any imagination.
  • Embarassed to be an American with "trading corn pones"

    The ugly Americans they chose to highlight as they picked their over-the-top house in England made be ashamed to be an American. They should have stayed in the states as the most important thing to them was being able to grill outside and make sure no one had to share a bath. Hate it when you pick shallow people to base a show on.
  • A bit better than the original

    Okay, this show does spice up the original show but still, but it only slightly improved on quality and excitment. Still, a few episodes were intresting to watch.
  • Its a travel and a RE show

    When I saw cable TV I first gravitated to the travel channel. Ten years ago there were ample travel around the world shows I could enjoy from my living room. For some reason that the tv execs only know, they decided that what people are looking for are food shows. Granted Anthony Bourdane isn't bad but I find myself watching more HHI than AB or any other show on travel channel. I can see the world from the LR watching HHI with brilliant photography. AB is morel about AB than travel or food which is ok sometimes because he's an interesting character. While the regular House Hunter show is an opportunity to see house hunting in North America, HHI is two shows in one. It's one of the few shows I look foward to seeing at least twice weekly.
  • Comfortable show that is as much about the homes/apartments as it is about travel

    House hunters international gives you a view into the rental prices and styles of apartments in many different parts of the world. It's also always interesting to watch the dynamic between the people searching for places.