House Hunters International - Season 102

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • 'Burbs of London
    Episode 13
    A bachelor wants to find a place as close as financially possible to pricey Central London, but his mom is thinking long term and believes her son should look to the suburbs and invest in a property fit for a family.
  • 2/10/17
    A long-distance couple take a chance on a new life together when they move to Brussels, at which point they come to realize that they have some real differences.
  • 1/31/17
    A work opportunity in Norwich, England, entices a couple to move away from family and friends in Columbus, Ohio. But finding a new place to live isn't easy when his desire for a convenient commute doesn't conform to her preference to live in the city center.
  • 1/23/17
    A former Canadian athlete decides to shake things up after a divorce by accepting a dream job in Belgium, where she receives help from a childhood friend finding a place of her own.
  • Which Is Greenwich?
    A job opportunity brings a couple to the London suburb of Greenwich, where they find themselves at odds over whether to settle down in a modern city apartment or a charming English cottage.
  • 1/20/17
    A couple who love to travel jump at the chance to transfer from Indianapolis to London, even though it will mean some big adjustments as their family of three downsize to a single income.
  • Chasing Warm Weather in Manly, Australia
    A pair of engineers are ready to leave cold and gray Poland to raise their son in the warm embrace of Manly, Australia, where they search for a two-bedroom home on a limited budget.
  • 1/16/17
    Stairs are a no-no for a couple with 2-year-old twins who are leaving Los Angeles to move back to Amsterdam, hopefully in an apartment in the city center, where they first met before having kids.
  • 1/13/17
    An empty nester who's ready to fly the coop in Canada and build a new life as a teacher in Bucharest, Romania, receives some practical suggestions during her house hunt from a fellow Canadian.
  • 1/12/17
    Newlyweds who love to travel are choosing a first home together in Groningen, Netherlands. Among the decisions they face is whether to move to the city center or countryside.
  • 1/10/17
  • 1/9/17
  • 1/6/17
    A world traveler wants to explore Europe from the home base of Prague.