House Hunters International - Season 125

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Buddies in Barcelona
    Esther and Stella meet on their first day of work in Barcelona.
  • Looking for Change in Chiang Mai, Thailand
    A teacher from Kirkland, Washington, wants to escape her mundane life with a move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Adapting to Thai living isn't easy, so her friend and coworker joins the house hunt to remind her why she took the big leap in the first place.
  • Nomads Settle Down in Mexico
    Former cruise ship employees, Megsy and Tommo, look for a home in Merida, Mexico.
  • No Money to Bern
    No Money to Bern
    Episode 6
    Paul and Hillary are moving to Bern, Switzerland, so that Paul can start a Ph.D. program. Her dream of living in Switzerland spurred him to seek the opportunity, and she has a specific idea and lifestyle in mind in the student-centered housing market. However, they'll have to make some concessions to find the right place to live, as Paul knows that they can't have it all.moreless
  • Brewery Expansion in Bangalore
    A couple decides to pack up their brewery business and move to Bangalore, India, to open the first American craft brewery in the country. While he's looking for a place with traditional Indian charm, she hopes to find a home with modern amenities.
  • A Last Hurrah in Paris
    Newlyweds follow a job opportunity to Paris, France, so they can enjoy one last move before buying a house and having kids. He's a true romantic and has his heart set on finding a home with Parisian charm in the city center, no matter the cost. However, she's concerned about the budget and wants to save on a home so they have money left over to travel.moreless
  • Big City Dreams in Cambodia
    Newlyweds from Montana with an interest in Eastern culture land positions at a school in Cambodia. She wants to make sure they are comfortable and hopes to find an apartment near the action, but he knows living in the city means a longer commute to work.
  • Catching the Breeze in Medellin, Colombia
    A couple looks to move to Medellin, Colombia. He wants to find a place high in the mountains where they can keep cool with the natural breeze, but she prefers to be close to stores and hopes to find a home in the valley.
  • The Beat of Playa Tambor, Costa Rica
    After the pressures of keeping up with their busy careers in Colorado became too much to handle, a couple are ready to slow things down. They decide to buy their first home together in Playa Tambor, one of Costa Rica's hidden gems. She's looking for a secluded, natural setting where they can rest, but he's interested in unwinding with a home right on the golf course.moreless
  • Dubai By Design
    Dubai By Design
    Episode 1
    After receiving an unexpected job offer, a Texas couple and their two girls move to Dubai, UAE. Living in a dry desert next to cool, Gulf waters will be an adjustment, so he's offering to let her take charge of the interior design if she's flexible on the house hunt.