House Hunters International - Season 139

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • A Home Away in Panama
    A couple decides it's the perfect time to move to Panama but they must first decide between seclusion and community. She wants a pool and an ocean view with the community-style provided by condo living while he'd rather have something more private.
  • Fighting Cavities in Cairns
    An adventurous woman and her family decide to uproot their comfortable lives in Missouri so she can attend dental school in Cairns, Australia. Its lush, tropical rainforest and access to the wild-blue expanses of the Great Barrier Reef were too stunning.
  • Back to Bangkok
    Episode 7
    After years in Jakarta, Indonesia, a couple is ready to make a permanent move to Bangkok, Thailand. She's tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and would love a little green space for her family to enjoy. However, he's hesitant to leave behind his professional and personal connections and hopes to build new ones by living in the center of it all.moreless
  • Finding A Voice In Nice, France
    After having a rough year, a Texas man is taking a daring leap by selling his landlocked house and pursuing a singing career in Nice, France.
  • Blissed Out in Whanganui, New Zealand
    A Boston couple moves to Whanganui, New Zealand, to slow down and de-stress. She fell in love with the city years ago and hopes to find peace and serenity with a home on the outskirts of town.
  • 4/1/19
    After beating cancer, a woman and her family decide to head to developing Ecuador where they can live their dream of having a home on the water affordably. Their daughter comes along for the ride to help them pick the perfect house to act as their second home -- and her new vacation spot!moreless
  • Berlin On A Budget
    Episode 6
    Young Canadian newlyweds fell in love with Germany on their honeymoon, so they decided to pack up and pursue graduate school in Berlin. Between the two of them they have big dreams, but they will have to get creative on a shoestring student budget.
  • 4/18/19
    A couple affectionately referred to as the "Bickersons" because of their back-and-forth quips searches for a home in Medellin, Colombia. With different tastes and desires, the duo has a battle on their hands as they attempt to find enough space for their
  • 3/20/19
    A couple puts their world travels behind them and settles down closer to their Texas family's time zone in Cartagena, Colombia. They have big ideas for life in their new location that may result in less space for that family, but their patient real estate agent is ready to keep them on track while searching the beautiful seaside city.moreless
  • 4/2/19
    A man follows in his globetrotting military family's footsteps with a move to Regensburg, Germany. His best friend will be by his side to help him find the right house but it's a tall order for the young bachelor who has shipped his beloved car from the United States and has a profound dislike for one of Bavarian Germany's main building features -- wood!moreless
  • 3/19/19
    A young woman gives up her American life to rediscover her roots in Budapest. She has a healthy budget to purchase a comfortable flat to start her new life but is unprepared for the surprises awaiting her in the quirky real estate market.
  • 3/18/19
    American Grace and Londoner Kris have had a whirlwind long-distance relationship. Now they're married and moving to quiet Crawley, England, to start a life together. Adapting to married life is hard enough, but trying to agree on a home and finally living together in the same space may bring some growing pains.moreless
  • 3/14/19
    After falling in love with travel, adventure and each other, a couple decides to continue traveling the world by following a job opportunity to Auckland, New Zealand. He wants the full Auckland experience but she is thinking about what's best for their son. Together, they'll have to redefine what adventure means to them as a family.moreless
  • 4/3/19
    A pair of veteran travelers decide to leave the United States and permanently move to Fareham, England, after landing a job with UK's air traffic control systems. After they land, however, the couple experiences unexpected turbulence once they learn visiting a new country isn't the same as living there full time.moreless
  • 3/6/19
    After an ongoing love affair with the city, a couple decides to make a permanent move to Florence, Italy. He wants that Old World charm he can't get in California -- even if it means extensive renovation.