House Hunters International - Season 46

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • An Overworked Couple Seeks the Slower Pace of Cannes, France
  • 11/9/12
    High school sweethearts John and Whitney realize that they needed to have an adventure while they're still young. So, they decided to pack up and move to Ireland. Can two smalltown kids find their first home in Dublin?
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  • 11/20/12
    Sean Kelly and his wife, Dahiana Cedeno, are ready for a complete lifestyle make-over, from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles to a small fishing village in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador.
  • 11/8/12
    When Paul Boutcher is offered his dream job in Scotland, his family of five flies to Glasgow to start a new life. Paul wants to live near Loch Lomond, while Lynn would rather be close to Glasgow.
  • 12/18/12
    Emma's fashionista and party girl persona was fine as an escape from her office job, but now that she's ready to drastically simplify things. A quick search leads Emma to decide on Mission Beach, Australia.
  • 11/9/12
    Twenty-two years of marriage, three active kids, and cold Canadian winters have made David and Lynne looking for a break. Although never been there, David has been actively researching vacation properties in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
  • 11/7/12
    Just after getting married to Meena, architect Ken jumped at the chance to help design Doha's new international airport. So, they're trading in the golden state of California for the golden lands of Qatar.
  • 11/1/12
    Czech Republic native Tereza came to the U.S. on a tennis scholarship. She fell in love with Scott, but her homeland was always on her mind. So when a job opportunity came up in Munich, she and Scott decided to take the leap.
  • Moving to Sweden to Start A New Life Together

    A Wisconsin girl who has never left the country is being swept away to Sweden for romance and adventure with her new fiance.

  • 11/6/12
    Lisa and Jonathan Ferland love their lives in Atlanta. When Jonathan's firm advertised a position in Stockholm, he applied on a whim and couldn't believe it when he got the job. The Ferlands are packing up their dogs & son Calvin.
  • 11/19/12
    German native Nadine is ready to make a change. Heading to the sun and surf of Tarifa, she has great expectations. But with no job waiting when she arrives, will Nadine be able to afford the same comforts to which she's accustomed?
  • 12/3/12
    Czech Republic native, Veronika Koplikova moves in with her new boyfriend, Tyler Gibson, in his hometown, Townsville, Australia. Veronika wants more space, but it'll come at a price.
  • 11/28/12
    Inspired over two decades ago by the lyrics of Jimmy Buffett, Mike and Alison Holly are looking to the sun-drenched shores of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. With a newly purchased waterfront restaurant, they need to find a home.
  • 11/2/12
    When Andrew gets a job opportunity he can't refuse, the Garnetts pack their bags and move to Trinidad. They're looking forward to experiencing a new lifestyle and culture, but will they find a home on this Caribbean island?