House Hunters International - Season 50

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Three's Company in Alexandra Headland, Australia
  • Becoming a Buyer in Nice, France
  • Put a Cork in It!
    Put a Cork in It!
    Episode 14
  • Interning in Leuven, Belgium
    A young married couple move from the U.S. to Leuven, Belgium, where they disagree over whether to buy a home with historic charm or one that's more modern.
  • 2/7/13
    With her husband Greg working long hours, Jennifer demanded that her family take one weekend away to reconnect. They traveled to Puerto Penasco and noticed the positive effect it had on their autistic spectrum sons.
  • Baja-liday Road
    Episode 12
    When Justin Mecklenborg accepts a new job in Loreto Baja Mexico, his wife Tamra and their two kids head south from San Diego to Mexico. But with Justin extremely busy at work, how will Mom Tamra adjust to life in a new country?
  • 3/11/13
    Stephanie and Ryan Palmer moved in with her parents after their wedding, in anticipation of their move to Spain. With an opportunity to teach English, Ryan's living his dream. The Palmers try to find their home in Cartaya, Spain.
  • 2/13/13
    With the ability to work from anywhere as a web performance engineer, Willie Jackson's switching things up and moving to Buenos Aires. While he loves Harlem, New York, he hopes to get a taste of culture abroad in Argentina.
  • 2/20/13
    When the Navy offered James a position in Naples, he and his wife, Brooke, jumped at the opportunity. They're looking for a home that gives them the European life they want to show their son, Josiah, but also gives them comfort and security.
  • 3/14/13
    Rod and Michelle fell in love with the people of the Dominican Republic when they hosted minor league baseball players from the island in their Montana home. Now the couple wants to buy a vacation home with Michelle's parents.
  • 3/7/13
    After years of layovers in Nicaragua, Wisconsin pilot Scott know Granada was home after meeting Lucia. They started their new life in Wisconsin, but Lucia missed her family. Scott decided it was finally time to make the move.
  • 3/28/13
    After graduating from college, Vivi felt restless. Unsure about what next, she traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and found inspiration in its frenetic streets. So she's breaking out of Boise to teach English in South America.
  • 3/26/13
    When Chris Maloney's PhD program offered an internship in Belgium, he leapt at the chance. Now, new wife, Kelly's giving up her job and leaving Rochester to join him, but they're discovering they want very different homes.
  • 2/25/13
    With tough a economy in California, Jen Tenance's moving to Santiago, Chile to find a new start. But a tight market and limited means, fulfilling her creative reveries means compromise in style, budget or location.
  • 2/21/13
    Beth Morehart knew that when her newlywed husband Tyler enlisted in the Coast Guard, Tyler would be gone for weeks at a time at sea. So they jumped at an opportunity to get off the boat and into the office in Puerto Rico.
  • A Return to Rome
    Episode 2
    Liz started her love affair with Italy's capital city when she was 18. After living there for four years, Liz moved back to Texas to train as a lawyer and save up for her return to Rome and now her dream is finally coming true.
  • 3/15/13
    After years of having an affair with France, Melania Malavazos leaves small town New York to pursue grad school and a life in Paris. Unlike friends her age, Melania has chosen to buy instead of rent, but not any apartment will do.