House Hunters International - Season 51

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • 6/3/13
    With two kids, Johanna and Chris need more living space as they move from Paris to London. The couple wants to find a family-friendly, hip home. Their agent navigates London's neighborhoods looking for a perfect balance.
  • 5/3/13
    After a Caribbean vacation, Rob and Ken decided St. John is where they wanted to be. So, they plan to make this dream come true. They're starting a new business so Rob wants a home near their pet shop that they are opening.
  • 3/27/13
    Kim lived in Iceland as a teenager and never thought she'd return. When Iceland's financial crisis threatened her parent's non-profit business, she and husband, Andy, moved back to Reykjavik to help her parents and themselves.
  • 3/25/13
    While Lindsay was singing with the Pittsburg Opera, she fell in love with a patron named Linas. One week after they tied the knot, Lindsay accepted a job at the Stuttgart, Germany, Opera House.
  • 3/21/13
    When John Mocny was offered a position in Thailand, he leapt at the chance to bring his wife home. But, Sopa discovers that much has changed in Thailand. She wants a Thai home, while John's hoping for modern comforts.
  • 3/29/13
    Three years after their engagement lead them to live in Exmouth, Australia, Sinead and Paul are moving to her hometown of Perth. However, to make the move, it means navigating the area's booming market and her high class tastes.
  • 3/20/13
    Jonathon and Quinn leave San Francisco to pursue opening a socially conscious business in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. But, it's Quinn's first time in Central America. Can she handle sacrificing some of the comforts of home?
  • 3/19/13
    After being separated by miles, Tiffany moves her family from CA to Antigua to be with her husband while he finishes Medical School. Their current home in Antigua is too far from the school and lacks the essential amenities.
  • 3/18/13
    Roberto and Marla Diaz had been living in Orange Co., CA. But, a decline in their children's book business led him to seek a career change. An opportunity in Roberto's home country of Panama led this family to the Panama Canal.
  • 3/13/13
    A couple wants to live in and run a vacation home in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • 3/12/13
    Sharing a love for music and travel, Kevin and April met and fell in love nine years ago in Reno. After a struggling economy in Nevada, they decided to try life in a new country. So, Kevin found a job in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • 3/6/13
    After being engaged in Turkey and married in Tanzania, travel loving Chicago couple Bill and Jamie are up for a new adventure. So when Jamie was awarded a scholarship to teach in Budapest, they pack their bags.