House Hunters International - Season 66

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Midwesterners Go Coastal in Mexico
    A Kansas City couple pursue their dream of living in Mexico as they look for office space, ocean vistas and a poolside paradise, but all on a budget, in the city of Playa del Carmen.
  • Indecision in Brussels, Belgium
    A yoga teacher decides to give living in downtown Brussels a try, but has difficulty making a decision about where exactly to settle down.
  • Teaching Yoga and Meeting Vikings in Amsterdam
  • Love on the Rocks With No Ice in Competa, Spain
    A couple move to Cómpeta, Spain, after 20 years of living in Texas, but their house hunt is complicated by the fact that she wants a quiet life in the countryside, while he is looking for a little more excitement in the village plaza.
  • Moving to Easter Island to Reconnect With Nature, Family, and the Past at the Edge of the World
    New parents decide a move to Easter Island is best for their young family, but finding a home that they both agree on proves difficult.
  • Californians Find Paradise in Costa Rica
    Parents who aim to live life to the fullest move their family to Potrero, Costa Rica, where they search for their own personal paradise, which involves surf, sand and breathtaking views.
  • It Had to Be Utrecht
    A former New Yorker tries to sell her Dutch husband on the idea of moving to the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, but he's reluctant to sacrifice space for location.
  • Wacko for Jaco
    Wacko for Jaco
    Episode 6
    Parents search for a family-friendly abode in Jaco, Costa Rica, but can't decide whether buying a move-in ready home or a fixer-upper is their best move.
  • Detour in Life to Greenland
    A couple transition from a long-distance relationship to finding a home together in Greenland.
  • Fresh Out of France With Masters' Degrees, Minnesotans Move to Bogota to Bank on Its Business Boom
    College sweethearts from Minnesota seek change and a faster pace with a move to Bogota, Columbia, where they search for a two-bedroom apartment with an outdoor space, that's close to parks and has mountain views, plus a bargain price.
  • Whole Granada Shakin' Goin' On
    The cofounder of an animal rescue in Granada, Nicaragua, searches for a home on a modest budget.
  • Rotterdam, I Wish I Was Your Lover
    A globe-trotting couple search for a home in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and debate whether the location or the house size matters most.
  • Out With the Old, in With the Newcastle
    A pastor moves his family from Las Vegas to Newcastle, Australia, in order to lead a new campus of his church. Once there, he and his wife debate whether to buy a home that's old and charming or new and modern.