House Hunters International - Season 68

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • A Family Flees Canada to Afford Living Off One Income in Asuncion, Paraguay
    A couple leave Canada looking for a simpler life with their son in Asuncion, Paraguay.
  • Leaving the USA for a Lifestyle Shift on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia
    A move to Mornington Peninsula, Australia, by a family of five who are looking for a long-term rental, but are at odds when it comes to modern vs. traditional style.
  • All's Well That Ends Wellington
    A Boston-born travel writer has to make some compromises in order to find an affordable place to live in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Thrown Under the Brussels
    A work-related move to Brussels finds a couple split when it comes to finding a home with a special space for their kids: She wants a peaceful library, while he's dreaming about a rocking music room.
  • Finding Happiness in Paris
    A woman mourning the death of her mother seeks rejuvenation and joy in Paris, where she searches for the perfect apartment in her favorite arrondissement.
  • Seeking the Ideal Location in Warsaw, Poland
    A move from a small Canadian town to Warsaw by a woman who is hoping to track down long-lost relatives while teaching in the Polish capital. She is also eager to find a place that's close to bars and cafés, but that doesn't break her tight budget.
  • Renovating History for a Taste of the Simple Life in Piedmont, Italy
    An Australian couple who renovate houses for a living decide to make a permanent move to the mountainous Piedmont region of Italy, where they look for an older home priced at $20,000 and in need of repair.
  • Punta de Mita Retirement
    A couple are at odds over whether to rent or buy in Punta de Mita, Mexico.
  • Barcelona or Bust
    Barcelona or Bust
    Episode 5
    A couple move from Seattle to Barcelona, Spain, for a job opportunity, plus the chance to grow closer as a family.
  • Stressed in Bucharest, Romania
    A couple and their 6-year-old son have mixed feelings about a move from suburban Cincinnati to Bucharest, Romania, for a job opportunity.
  • A Taste for Paris
    A Taste for Paris
    Episode 3
    A woman from Perth, Australia, gives up her desk job to pursue her dream of cooking in Paris, where she and a friend plan on hosting dinner parties as a business. First, however, they have to find a home with the proper kitchen, dining area and price tag.
  • Secret Santa Elena
    Secret Santa Elena
    Episode 2
    A Silicon Valley couple decide to raise their daughter in a more relaxed environment, and so they move from California to Santa Elena, Ecuador, where they debate living in a gated community vs. purchasing a stand-alone home.
  • A New Home on a New Beach
    A single mom searches in the town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, for a condo that's near the beach and suitable for her 5-year-old daughter.