House Hunters International - Season 69

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Californians Find Out First Hand Why Melbourne Is One of the Priciest Places to Live
  • A Taste of Your Own Medellin
    A couple who are returning to their birthplace of Medellin, Columbia, to start a cupcake business are on a limited budget as they search for the perfect house or apartment for their family.
  • New Jobs and Roommates in Madrid, Spain
    Three recent college graduates look for a place they can share while they are in Madrid teaching English.
  • Saving Monet in Stockholm
    An art student and her boyfriend take their meager savings and move to Stockholm, so she can attend a prestigious university and be close to her father's Swedish family. Once there, they are shocked to learn that they will have to go through a bidding process in order to buy a home.moreless
  • A New Take on Talca, Chile
    A couple have mixed feelings about moving back to their native Chile as they search for a home in the city of Talca that's big enough to host visits from their family and friends.
  • Let the Sunshine in San Carlos
    A Vancouver man who suffers from seasonal affective disorder takes an early retirement and moves to San Carlos, Mexico, where he and his wife disagree over whether to buy a turnkey property or one that requires some renovations.
  • A Young Couple Struggles With a Budget Too Small For Their Dutch Desires in Amsterdam
    A couple go from long-distance dating to learning how to compromise as they search for their first home together in Amsterdam.
  • Building Bonds in Brno, Czech Republic
    A move to Brno, Czech Republic, by a family who are hoping to build a better bond, which may get a time-consuming fixer-upper knocked out of consideration.
  • Ansbach to the Future
    An international experience is sought by a family of three when they decide to move from South Carolina to Ansbach, Germany, where they search for a home on a modest budget and deal with conflicting ideas about where exactly they should live.
  • Surfside Bikini Startup vs. Student Budget on Australia's Gold Coast
    A woman plans to expand her mother's Caribbean swimwear business while living on the beach in Gold Coast, Australia, but first she has to get her roommate to agree.
  • Ecua-Do or Ecua-Don't in Esmeraldas, Ecuador
    A couple leave San Francisco for Esmeraldas, Ecuador, but once there they have trouble deciding whether to live near the beach or find an abode that's more practical and affordable.
  • Fear of Driving on the Left in Brisbane, Australia
    A move to Brisbane, Australia, brings along with it culture shock for a Louisville native who's nervous about driving on the left side of the road.
  • Beachfront on a Budget in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    An Atlanta native takes her limited savings and looks for a beachfront apartment in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.