House Hunters International - Season 98

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Migrating South to Buy a Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Vallarta
    A pair of bird enthusiasts are migrating south from Phoenix to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to open a bed-and-breakfast with a sanctuary for their feathered friends. Among their concerns is finding a large enough place in a high-tourist traffic area and with perhaps space for a pool.
  • Second Time in Puerto Penasco, Mexico
    Hardworking entrepreneurs want to upgrade from their condo to a family-friendly home in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.
  • 11/24/16
    A woman leaves a high-pressure tech job in Seattle for a new start in Costa Rica, where she plans to open a bed-and-breakfast and looks for a comfortable place that will accommodate her two dogs.
  • Traditional Versus Modern in the South of England
    A married couple who met by chance on an airplane 12 years ago live happily with thriving careers in Las Vegas. But now a job opportunity brings them to Somerset, England, where they look at homes spanning the 1800s to the 1960s.
  • 11/11/16
    A move to the Gold Coast of Australia by a family who have been living in Florida. Although they want to keep expenses down, they also want a big yard and proximity to the beach.
  • 11/7/16
    A lifelong dream of living in France comes true when a job promotion leads to a move to Lyon. But first, this couple must agree on whether they want hip and trendy or authentic and charming. Plus, they have to decide what they can afford on one income.
  • 11/2/16
    A woman who is expecting a baby is reluctant to leave Kansas after her husband receives a job transfer to Asia, where she hopes to find a Western-style home, even though he has his heart set on a traditional Japanese house.
  • 10/28/16
    A couple working crazy hours in Linden, N.J., pursue a different life in Costa Rica, with fresh fruit, sandy beaches and howler monkeys. Their plan is to run a bed-and-breakfast, but first they have to find a fixer-upper to convert into their dream home.
  • 10/25/16
    Newlyweds can't agree on the style of their first home in Lisbon, Portugal. However, even though one of them wants modern, while the other would prefer to live like the locals, they are both in consensus about needing enough space for a ping-pong table.
  • 10/17/16
    An urban planning professor moves his family to Spain to write a book about Barcelona's architecture. While he believes a traditional Catalan-style apartment is a requirement of his research, his wife would prefer they find a roomy, modern place near the water where she can introduce their kids to a beach lifestyle.moreless
  • Jet Setters Stay Put in Singapore
    Travel-loving school teachers make a long-term move to Singapore, where they search for the perfect, budget-friendly home for themselves and their dog Pincho.
  • 10/11/16
    A PhD student and musician extraordinaire is looking for a home on an extremely limited budget in Kecskemét, Hungary.
  • 10/4/16