House Hunters International - Season 99

Sunday 9:30 PM on HGTV Premiered Feb 20, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Pricey in Provence
    Episode 13
    A couple who are looking to set down roots in the expensive Provence region of France face the hurdle of finding a place on their tight budget.
  • Burgundy Bound Mom
    Episode 12
    A woman who's ready to embrace her empty nest and live her dream of opening a bed-and-breakfast in Burgundy, France, must decide how many guests she and her budget can handle.
  • 12/1/16
    Seasoned expats move to London to experience living abroad together as a married couple. While they are both set on finding a budget-friendly apartment in the pricey Fulham area, their similarities end there.
  • Seeking a Second Bedroom in Melbourne
    A snap decision to accept a job offer in Melbourne by an American who has never been there and doesn't know about the city's unique neighborhoods. His search for a home focuses on finding a place with a second bedroom for family and friends who come to visit. But that could break his budget.moreless
  • 11/28/16
    Cousins who are great friends and co-owners of a physical therapy business search for a dream home in Malaga, Spain.
  • 11/22/16
    A Texan decides to plant roots in her ancestral home of Paris, which makes her husband a bit nervous because of the cost of a second home in the pricey City of Lights.
  • 11/14/16
  • Trading the East Coast for the Costa Del Sol
    A couple who have been married for 15 years move their family abroad to Spain's Costa del Sol, where they find themselves split over whether to live near the beach with modern amenities and style or choose a home with rustic charm in the countryside.
  • 11/3/16
    A couple move forward with their plan to start a cultural center in Bulgaria devoted to the historic significance of Veliko Tarnovo. First step: finding the perfect property, which will also serve as a part-time home.
  • 11/1/16
    A Colorado couple leave everything behind to move to Calitri, Italy, where houses are very affordable, especially if they purchase a fixer-upper in the country. But they also consider a grotto-type home in the historic city center.
  • 10/26/16
    Two lifelong diving fanatics dream of having a beachfront home in Bonaire. But mortgage restrictions may force them to put budget before location.
  • 10/19/16
    A California philosopher and professor is awarded a prestigious fellowship that offers him the opportunity to work alongside other great minds in his field at a university in Austria. After accepting, he and his young family of three look for a place to call home in Salzburg.
  • 10/10/16
    A Canadian couple moving to Brisbane, Australia, in order to attend medical school hope to find an apartment that's above the ground floor and free of any snakes, spiders and creepy-crawlies. One concern is that their list of requirements may not be feasible on only one income.