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House Hunters

Weekdays 10:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Sep 30, 1999 In Season


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AIRED ON 1/21/2015

Season 96 : Episode 10

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Season 96 : Episode 11

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Show Summary

House Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes of individuals, couples, and families as they look for a house with the help of their realtor. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish. It starts when an individual, couple, or family tells their realtor what they are looking for in the house they want to buy. Afterwards, the realtor finds three houses that fit that description as best as it can. The house must do its best to fit what the buyers are looking for while falling into their pricerange. After looking at the three houses the buyers must decide which of the three to buy or to keep looking. Each episode is different because each buyer is different.
  • Heidi!

    Just watched an episode of House Hunters with Daniel and Heidi. I get tired of these ridiculous people with no budget wanting a perfect home. Painting is a simple fix so is removing carpet. This particular episode Heidi drove me crazy with her basement phobia. If you want a finished basement that costs money, but the diva attitude she had was unbelievable. She didn't like anything! She wanted a $300,000 home for $130,000. Painting won't kill you, neither will going into an unfinished basement. But she said she would never go down there so I guess she will be wearing dirty clothing. I get tired of these ridiculously lazy people on HH. Ewww carpet, ewww I don't like that color, I can't live here no stainless steel or granite! Unbelievable.moreless
  • Battle of North vs South in Salt Lake City

    What a spoiled girl.. they should have split the difference. That guy is in for a long hard road with her.
  • That's So House Hunters!

    What a riot!
  • Kinda repetative

    The show oes go through the same process over and over again. It may be fun seing the suspence on what house is going to be chosen but it does get boring eventually after you watch this same plot over and over again.
  • Many of the people never say what they do.

    Which kind of makes it look like the show is more representational of people who have won lotteries instead of the show bring representational of actual working people. In that light the entire thing more or less falls apart to me on many levels. It is interesting to see homes in far away places but I am bemused at some of the prices people are prepared to pay for places that were considered mediocre places back in the 1960's. To me many of these so called gems are still mediocre places today and don't justify someone paying a half a million to a million dollar for them today. Not everything is interesting or desirable. Eventually such a concept will become acknowledged more openly and crappy dwellings will be seen for what they are. One thing to note-many European countries never tear down large ungainly & dated structures. Hence the high number of crappy dwelling therein.moreless

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    • Awsome show
      This show is awsome and why havent anyone written yet...fell free to write and talk about house hunters!:roll:

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