House Hunters

Season 34 Episode 14

A South Carolina Couple Looks for a Home That's Move-In Ready

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM May 17, 2009 on HGTV

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  • Hounding the Housing Market

    (Okay, I have finally discovered how to figure out which house a couple is going to choose for their next domicile: the one that seems to make the least sense on paper, and/or, the house which is least appealing to me.)
    That is not the reason, however, for this episode's mediocre score. The houses which the couple was shown were alright, and even the one they chose, which just happened to be the smallest and the most expensive of the three, located in a flood zone bordering a swamp, was not without its charm. What simply ignites the horror within me is that for the third time in a week, I watched as a couple outlined their canines as a primary motivation in choosing one home over another. This is a quarter-of-a-million-dollar-purchase, and bless their hearts these people are weighing how much pooch will enjoy running back and forth on the hardwoods versus whether they'll have to install a gigantic fence around the parameter of the property! Madness!
    As if that weren't enough to commit this young couple, House Hunters visited them four months after move-in, as is the tradition, and the dogs had their own row of dedicated hanger space in the walk-in closet for their sweaters and other clothing. I mean, isn't this the kind of behavior that used to be limited to eccentric old ladies who had grown delusional with loneliness and so regarded the pets as replacements for their late husbands? Not any more!
    Additionally, the house they chose had the least amount of square footage and offered the poorest bang for the buck as far as space. It also *required* flood insurance because of its location, and there was some question whether or not alligators might show up on the property because of its bordering state swamplands. (It would have been something had House Hunters visited the couple and learned that the two rat-sized dogs been swallowed by a gator shortly after move-in).
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