House Hunters

Season 26 Episode 15

Bye Bye, Chi-town

Aired Weekdays 10:00 PM Jul 06, 2008 on HGTV

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  • Gone to the Dogs

    I watched as the realtor showed this engaged couple three beautiful homes in the Indianapolis suburbs - one with a contemporary layout, and two with more traditional feels. All three properties were listed between $800,000-$1,000,000.
    With three dazzling homes featuring various perks that appealed to both fiance and fiancee, it seemed like a difficult decision. My husband, who loves to guess which one they'll pick on those rare ocassions he's forced to watch, called it right: they picked the contemporary place, which was going for close to $900 grand. The criteria for their choice? In addition to its more open layout, they preferred the large, anemic back yard, which was barren of landscaping, but had "plenty of space for Frank-the-dog." Ah, I wanted to shoot the tv. A million dollar home and a thirty-year mortgage, and they're basing the decision on a hound! Madness!
    It was fun watching the improvements they'd made months later after they'd moved in; but we cringed as we saw the untrained dog putting his huge paws all over the white furniture, then running across the costly Asian hardwoods. You'd have thought it was our house the way we gasped!
    This episode, however, is a growing trend with many home buyers on the show - nutty people who buy based on their canines. Pets are fine outside, but it's so hard to watch a lovely home about to be devalued by a destructive dog. I have to cover my eyes!