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House Hunters Drinking Game

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    [1]Sep 29, 2011
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    The House Hunters Drinking Game makes it easier to take this show when they don't buy a house because the bedroom's not the right color, or the chick climbs into the bathtub to see if she fits...

    If anyone finds a particularly good episode to play this with, let me know! Maybe one with crown molding in the man cave...?


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    [2]Jan 3, 2012
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    Whenever one of the clients says "it's cozy' or "curb appeal" or " needs upgrading" you knock back a shot. If it's the husband, you make it a double - a triple shot if it's one of the precocious children who don't even have a job yet.

    Bonus - if the hubby mentions: "crown molding"; "tray ceiling" or "wainscoting" it means you break out the good single-malt for the remainder of the evening's play. In cases of same sex pairings, all players MAY agree to designate one individual as the hubby during the opening segment and continue as above. For purposes of game play, this can be an adult daughter, bff or pushy mother. It makes no difference as long as it's agreed.

    Happy tippling!

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