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  • House Hunters Intl - Costa Rica

    I've watched a number of episodes of HHI in Costa Rica lately & have had enough of the real estate agent they use there - Rebecca Clower. Please get a new agent for prospective buyers in that country!!! I am currently looking to move there myself so I am somewhat familiar w the market. This lady doesn't even show the poor people what they ask for. If they ask for a single family home she shows them at least 2 condos, out of their budget, & w nothing they asked for!!! I just don't get it!! I know there are homes for sale there in all price ranges, I see them everyday! Is she getting some kind of kick back from the condo associations? Please HHI .... change real estate agents in Costa Rica!!! I can't take another episode of Ms. Clower shrugging her shoulders when the buyers ask to see a place w even a couple things on their wishlist!!!
  • Witches with. B

    She moves her family across the world, and wants to dictate where they live etc. Never heard the word "I" so much, what I want , what I can have !!!!!!! Selfish a hole.

    How many times have we seen this... not always the wife, but there's always one.

    If your going to disrupt their lives , give them something to hold on to. Make the move as easy as possible, let the kids have a pool or a yard...

    Your getting what you want , selfish ass.... think about someone else for a change... you uprooted everyone and they let you ... you need to back off what you want and let the family pick the house... WOW been wanting to vent for so long.

    I've just never seen such selfish people. Is that a requirement to getting on this show

    The other thing , the people with a $250,000. budget and million dollar wish list, and they can't understand why they can't get what they want. Esp the Americans, and yes I am one... but jeese people use your brain, if you want everything like in the USA , stay in the USA
  • Where's the Beef?

    House Hunters is just plain boring! It's like the other home shows, but without the fun of renovating, decorating or anything, really. You can only look at so many empty bedrooms and boring looking kitchens before your mind goes numb. Why does this show take up so much of the programming time? There's no point to it.
  • Log Homes New Hampshire.

    I used to love watching house hunters and now I just can not stomach to watch. Every one is introduced by their names and once they start hunting the names are dropped and every ones name is Babe. Sickening. It certainly isn't as fun to watch anymore. I tune in only to Fixer Upper. I would rate this a zero but 1 is the lowest.
  • Complain. Complain. What a bunch of SPOILED little A holes.

    The things people complain about are 99% superficial and can be fixed by a thing called paint. And the way most couples complain about different choices, it makes me wonder why they even got married. Plus, don't believe most of the marriages will last any way.
  • Champagne Taste on a Soda Pop Budget! San Diego

    I watch house hunters every day and I'v never seen such a spoiled women after watching this show tonight. She was constantly complaining about everything in the house! This was the worst episode I've ever seen in my entire time of watching house hunters. And what the hell is on her cheeks!? It looked like someone spilled cherry juice on her face! I feel sorry for the man that has to live with it.
  • Do not let them use your house for taping

    My parents have a house for sale and were contacted by the show to use it for a taping. They were offered $250 to do so and they thought it would be great exposure. My Mom met the ACTRESS as she was leaving the house. 90 days later a $50.00 Target card arrived. Not sure I will ever watch this show again.
  • Heidi!

    Just watched an episode of House Hunters with Daniel and Heidi. I get tired of these ridiculous people with no budget wanting a perfect home. Painting is a simple fix so is removing carpet. This particular episode Heidi drove me crazy with her basement phobia. If you want a finished basement that costs money, but the diva attitude she had was unbelievable. She didn't like anything! She wanted a $300,000 home for $130,000. Painting won't kill you, neither will going into an unfinished basement. But she said she would never go down there so I guess she will be wearing dirty clothing. I get tired of these ridiculously lazy people on HH. Ewww carpet, ewww I don't like that color, I can't live here no stainless steel or granite! Unbelievable.
  • Battle of North vs South in Salt Lake City

    What a spoiled girl.. they should have split the difference. That guy is in for a long hard road with her.
  • That's So House Hunters!

    What a riot!
  • Kinda repetative

    The show oes go through the same process over and over again. It may be fun seing the suspence on what house is going to be chosen but it does get boring eventually after you watch this same plot over and over again.
  • Many of the people never say what they do.

    Which kind of makes it look like the show is more representational of people who have won lotteries instead of the show bring representational of actual working people. In that light the entire thing more or less falls apart to me on many levels. It is interesting to see homes in far away places but I am bemused at some of the prices people are prepared to pay for places that were considered mediocre places back in the 1960's. To me many of these so called gems are still mediocre places today and don't justify someone paying a half a million to a million dollar for them today. Not everything is interesting or desirable. Eventually such a concept will become acknowledged more openly and crappy dwellings will be seen for what they are. One thing to note-many European countries never tear down large ungainly & dated structures. Hence the high number of crappy dwelling therein.
  • need more single 55+ women shopping

    I've only seen 2 episodes with single women over 55 looking for a home (in HH or HH International). Why? Does no one know we are the highest demographic in the country right now? Anyone heard of widowed baby boomers? The old fellas are kickin it and we ladies are looking for smaller homes that are still beautiful but reasonably priced - all you seem to show is homes for young kids or young folks with kids. God bless em, but they are NOT the only demographic out there - not even the largest one at this point in time. Okay - we old ladies are going to be gone in 10 years or so but in the mean time we'd like a little entertainment "where's the meat?"
  • I'm fifteen and I love this show.

    I'm fifteen and I love/adore House Hunters. Who knows why? Maybe it's because they're not being stupid when choosing the house, basing it on practicality instead of "Ooooooh! It looks shiny!" like most house hunters do. The host actually seems to love showing these people around, and although some of the houses are a bit too fancy for my taste, or probably the person purchasing the house is, they are perfectly happy to still egg them to buy it. The houses don't look gussied up for the show, they look cozy if not totally cool and plain-Jane sometimes. Even the richest house looks plebian and happy. All in all, if you're sick of mindless trash on other networks, I advise you to watch HGTV and their house hunting shows like this one. Who knows? I might want to pick a home from House Hunters sometime in the future!
  • Great show, but please keep Suzanne as the host!!!

    House Hunters is a great show! Love the hostess, Suzanne, as she is sincere and real in her delivery.

    I was totally surprised to see Star Jones as the hostess on an episode. What are you thinking? I don't have respect for Star Jones. On The View she came across as "I am better than anybody else" attitude. Didn't disclose "how" she lost her weight and also telephoned lots of companies asking for free services for her wedding! I see her as an opportunist who is only looking out for herself and free trips to the house hunting locations. If you continue to have Star Jones as a hostess of my favorite show, House Hunters, I will not be watching.

    Please don't ruin a great show by changing the show host.
  • We love Suzanne Whang...great personality!

    We really like your show, but it can be improved. Vary your script; everybody seems to say the say thing on every show. The worst thing is the use of the the word "SPACE". Counter space, floor space , yard space, this space, that space, cabinet space, wall space, closet space, bathroom space, bedroom space, window space, garage space, laundry room area space, dining room area space, attic area space...what do you think!! There are such things as, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, counters, closets, yards, garages, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, etc. etc. & etc. The room space is so light and bright, and look at the window space, it's so light and bright. Look at the crown mouldings; they make the room space look so light and bright. And look at the windows in the kithen area space, they are so light and bright...

    Fred & Patti
  • very informative

    I enjoy watching this show everyday and seeing what homes the people choose. It's interesting to me to see what type of home people are looking for and in what areas for what kind of money. Someday soon i will be looking for my first home. I what this show and put myslef in the other peoples shoes and I choose what house I would want to live in. Some of the people on this show amaze me by how much they can afford! Some of the houses are huge and then others are very small! It's also neat to see what you can get for the money in different states.
  • it is interesting because you get to see so many different kinds of houses.

    i think it is interesting because you get to see so many different kinds of houses. some of the houses are completely gutted, and some are completely over done with way too many accessories. some of the designs are just hilarious. you see some really cheap houses and you can see some million dollar houses. i like house hunters international, too, because i can see different houses from different countries. they dont always have the same kind of features that we have in the US. i usually watch house hunters every day. i like to look at the different ways people have decorated their new houses. it is interesting to see what they have done once they get the house.
  • \'Househunters\' is helpful as we seek to sell our house in the midwest and move back to the east coast. The variety of situations and geographic areas makes for an interesting show.

    \'Househunters\' is very helpful to my husband and I as we are retiring soon and planning to move from Des Moines, Iowa, back to the Philadelphia area where we used to live. The show is realistic and shows the real dilemmas of individuals and families as they decide on their priorities and then on what they can let go, in looking for a new house. We like the variety - some families looking to move up in the housing market, others downsizing; some looking for large, expensive houses, others seeking more modest accommodations; and covering a wide geographic area. The show is entertaining and educational. We have something of a dilemma; although we will be downsizing, we will probably have to pay a great deal more for a house \'back east\' than we will get from selling our home in a suburb of Des Moines. We feel that this dilemma would make a great show and would love to be chosen to participate!

    Jane Palestini
  • Was better before Star Jones.

    I loved this show. It is so neat to see houses from all ovetr hte place. Then we guess which place the searcher picks to buy. Its great to see how other people live. HTe only downer now is that star jones is in it now. This show is great that it always has different localtions and different people looking earound. Plus, its neat to see th e chosen place after they move in. All we see are the before and after of the house. Its no rerenavation. There are a couple other shows close to thois one, but i like this one better. Its usually on alot on HGTV.
  • This show is very awsome.

    This show is very enjoyable and Susan Wang is a good host. When I want to grow up I want to be a realistate agent so I find this very interesting.

    And Its wierd to show how price ranges change for even small houses across the U.S. and I like the updates a few months later and seeing how the family is doing.
  • I like watching the show. It gives me ideas of what I and my husband want and need for our future home.

    It is a good show. I find it informative to watch. I get ideas of not only the home we want but the comunity that we may want and need for out children. Viewing other states and the types of homes available is also pleasent to view and dream about.
  • A Must Have

    I'm in real estate, so I love the show. I love to see the different homes across the country. I'm never surprised at how the tastes are so different from state-to-state. Here in Miami, we love sun porches and pools. Just a hop and skip away, in Georgia, they love fireplaces and hardwood flooring. The only thing that is fake to me is, the way they just walk into the homes without a key. I guess its to make the show flow, no interruptions. Another thing is how 90% of the people making the offer are accepted. I am sure there are lots of people out there that see this. There are a lot of countering in real estate. The show makes buying a home seem so easy. Is it me or do most of the agents seem like they work for the seller?
    For some reason, and I cant speak for anyone, but don't all of the buyers pick the ugliest house. I am confused at their choices. I would definitely prefer the mountainside home, with no one living behind me, over a house with 6 feet of space away from the next door neighbor. So what if they have kids. Kids grow up. They can always keep the house, and have their own little retreat.
  • Love the show

    Really enjoy watching this show, more new episodes
    please, fun to watch and see the different locations. Its a great show, gives you decorating ideals, floor plans, etc. Also educating in the sense of what different communities around the world are like, just in case you might want to relocate.
  • Enjoyable to watch.

    What I like about House Hunters is how it shows what the various individuals (families or couples) go through to look for their dream house. I find the show entertaining, because of how it shows the potential home owner looking at various homes on the market where they want to live, be it in the same city they live in already, or if they move to a new city. Another thing that I like about the show is how we the viewers get to see 3 of the houses that the prospective home buyers are thinking of purchasing and then at the end of the episode guess which home the person on the show will select. In all, House Hunters is pretty entertaining to watch, with interesting looking homes to possibly be purchased
  • "This is above our price range but, it's all we have ever wanted..."

    A show that is pretty good to watch when you are looking for something interesting, but will not keep you too enthraled, something you don’t have to really “focus” on to actually “get” it, and just something that is plain okay. Go behind the scenes and see what its really like searching for a house. (if you haven’t already done so....) House Hunters have to choose between their three favorite homes and see which one is really the best for them. Some have couples searching, some have families searching, and some have people who are just looking for a temporary place. But, none the less it is a pretty good show, and again, is something that you usually watch when you are just flipping through channels.
  • So what do you think? It's nice. I like the space. Let me show you the kitchen.

    A family (which could be singles, couples, or couples with children) works with a real-estate agent to find their next home, which is usually a step up from where they currently live. They show their current place and what their wishlist is. Then the family walks through about three homes, and in each room, comments on what they like and don't like about the place. About two-thirds of the way into the episode, the family decides on which house and places an offer. A phone call later the next day, they usually get a positive response. Then flash forward a month or two later, after they've moved in, to see how they are enjoying the place.

    Most of the homes shown are modest, from condos to ranch style box houses, and once in a while a two-story house. The rooms look decent size, but that's thanks to the camera; if you've seen ranch style box houses you know how small those rooms really are! And if you're looking for palaces and estates you can envy, there are other shows to tune in like MTV Cribs and the house makeover or decorating shows.

    Suzanne Whang shows up as a hostess and does the voiceover work, but the interaction with the families is mainly with the agents. The music motif is fairly addictive. No prices or specific locations are mentioned so as to not date the show much. And no mention of school districts!

    Later seasons have House Hunting in Europe, and that gives an interesting picture of how rooms are a lot different from the ones in America.

    Overall a consistent show that won't offend, and it will stir up some desires to look at houses.