House Hunters

Weekdays 10:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Sep 30, 1999 In Season


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  • I'm fifteen and I love this show.

    I'm fifteen and I love/adore House Hunters. Who knows why? Maybe it's because they're not being stupid when choosing the house, basing it on practicality instead of "Ooooooh! It looks shiny!" like most house hunters do. The host actually seems to love showing these people around, and although some of the houses are a bit too fancy for my taste, or probably the person purchasing the house is, they are perfectly happy to still egg them to buy it. The houses don't look gussied up for the show, they look cozy if not totally cool and plain-Jane sometimes. Even the richest house looks plebian and happy. All in all, if you're sick of mindless trash on other networks, I advise you to watch HGTV and their house hunting shows like this one. Who knows? I might want to pick a home from House Hunters sometime in the future!