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  • Settling in Seattle
    Settling in Seattle
    Episode 24
    An engaged couple can't decide where they want their first house to be.
  • Downsizing in Atlanta
    A flight attendant wants to downsize and move to the city.
  • Seeking a Spot of Her Own
    A women wants her own place.
  • From Starter Home To Homestead
    Now that the Olson Family has doubled in size, their starter home in Madison, Wis., just isn't big enough. They would like to move to the nearby suburb of Cottage Grove, where they are both from and where they still have a lot of family. Real estate agent Kristin Wild is on hand to help.moreless
  • Moving to Downtown Atlanta
    Thirty-one-year-old software engineer, Tara Duncan, is single and ready to mingle in downtown Atlanta. But her current home is located in Duluth, nearly an hour away. So she and her dog, Whoopie, are leaving her three-bedroom, 2-1/2-bath home for a new place in Midtown or Buckhead. The only problem is those areas can be costly. She is hoping to find property that's similar in size to her current home, but without an open floor plan and more land. Real estate agent Kathryn Flowers thinks she can help.moreless
  • Looking for a House in Chicago
    Tired of paying rent, a Chicago couple searches for a house with plenty of parking and a yard.
  • Moving from Mom's House
    They lived with Mom for months so they could buy a house.
  • Engaged Couple Needs Home
    With a budget of $200,000 an engaged couple want to find a home near downtown Nashville.
  • More Room in Austin
    More Room in Austin
    Episode 13
    A young family in an Austin suburb needs more space.
  • Takin On The Big City
    Farrah and Jon Lamoreaux are an urban couple living in the quaint town of Longmont, Colo. They agree that the charming small-town feel and that the scenery is beautiful, but they find it too small for them. They can cover the entire downtown area in about 10 minutes and there isn't any place in town that they haven't gone. Plus, their rental condo is spacious and modern, but it lacks the charm that can be found in older homes. They are ready to take on big-city life while they are still young enough to enjoy it, so they have set their sights on Denver. There is a drawback though - older and charming translates to small houses and low ceiling and with Jon's height of 6 feet, 8 inches, these two have a big challenge ahead of them. Signing on to help tackle that challenge is real estate agent Pie Konchar.moreless
  • New Digs Near Denver Needed
    Bonnie Andrews has been living in her Lakewood, Colo., townhouse for 19 years, and she's ready to find more space for herself, her dog, her two cats and three fish. Although she will be working with the same agent she used nearly two decades ago, Dennis Greco, she has a longer list of requirements this time. She needs more closet space, a bigger kitchen, a separate laundry area, a yard for the dog, a guest room and an extra room for her new hobby of making stained glass. She would also love a cozy fireplace, a nice view of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, and a place that isn't too far from her friends. With a budget of $225,000 Greco definitely has a challenge ahead of him.moreless
  • Santa Fe Condo Ranch
    Melissa McCracken is an independent contractor and creative writer who came to Santa Fe 10 years ago and has lived in a mud hut, a wood shack and her current home, part of an old school. The 500-square-foot apartment is cute, but cute isn't cutting it anymore - especially when she could be an owner instead of a renter. Her real estate agent, Dawn Davis, kicks off the search.moreless
  • Find a Home before the Wedding
    This engaged couple wants to find house of their own before the wedding.
  • Searching For A Starter Home
    After living on the island of Oahu for three years, Tracy and Robert Slaughter recently moved back to Denver to look for a charming starter home. Meanwhile, they have been sharing a two-bedroom, two-bath house with Robert's stepdad, and it's getting a little cramped. The Slaughters hope to find a two-bedroom, one-bath house with a yard, and realtor Jake Marsh thinks he can help.moreless
  • Downtown Chicago Bound
    A couple looks for a home in downtown Chicago.
  • Busting at the Seams
    In Wisconsin, a young family searches for a larger home with plenty of space for kids and critters.
  • From the Woods to the Windy City
    Looking for a home in Chicago.
  • Trading In the City Life
    A couple looks for a bigger home outside of Chicago.
  • Wanted: More Room to Start a Family
    Sara and Matt Gray have deep roots in the Portland, Ore., suburb of Aloha. They love living close to Sara's parents, so now that they are thinking about starting a family and looking for a larger place, transplanting to another community is out of the question. In order to stay in the area, they might have to settle for a smaller home. If they move farther away from the parents, they could gain some much-needed space. Real estate agent Brenda Schweitzer steps in to help with the decision making.moreless
  • New Couple Needs Space
    Young professionals Lori Guzzard and Kieran Shah are newly engaged and need more space now that Kieran has moved into Lori's two-bedroom condo. There is not enough storage space, and the spare bedroom is serving double duty as Kieran's gym and music studio. The couple wants a home in a newer development in the North Las Vegas area that has three bedrooms, a pool, plenty of storage space and a music studio for Kieran. Real estate agent Nancy Kurtzman signs on to help them buy their perfect first house.moreless
  • New House Needed Fast
    Sylvia and Joe Ross moved from Washington, D.C., to Portland, Ore. a year ago, and lovingly restored a gorgeous four-story Victorian near downtown. The couple thought they were going to be transferred, so they put their house up for sale, and it sold in days. Since then, they have decided to stay in town, so they now have just one short month to find a new home. Real estate expert Rob Turrie agreed to help them find the right home fast.moreless
  • Their First Home
    Their First Home
    Episode 3
    Newlyweds in Seattle want to buy their first home together.
  • Consolidating Two Condos
    For 13 years, Chris Corallo and Brett Streaser have been treating their side-by-side condos like one. Brett keeps a computer at his place, leaving room at Chris' place for a dining table. And Brett has the washer, while Chris houses the dryer. Now they are ready to bring everything together and live under one roof. They would like to find a three-bedroom, two-bath ranch-style house in Toms River, N.J., that's big on yard space and has room for entertaining. Veteran Jersey realtor Lizette Conover thinks she can help them find a home in their target location.moreless
  • More Space for Baby
    A couple looks for a bigger house for their new baby.
  • First-Time Home Buy
    Young professional, Nicole Craigie, loves the spacious single-family home she has been renting in Denver for the past year. But she recently was told that she had to move by the end of her lease, which is about one month away. Deciding to make an unfortunate situation something positive, Craigie has chosen to give up renting and take the plunge to become a first-time homebuyer. Unfortunately, she can't afford her current neighborhood on her budget, so she has to look in some nearby areas to find a home that she likes before her lease runs out.moreless