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Season 89 : Episode 11

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  • Cutting The Commute
    Cutting The Commute
    Episode 13
    Hoping to cut down on commute-time, Lulu and her husband Karl look for a house in Wilmington, DE.
  • Five-Figure Deals in Detroit
    Dan and Rachel, are hoping to find the ultimate deal in Detroit. But the seemingly inexpensive, five-figure deals are a wake-up call for these 20-somethings encountering the realities of the turbulent real estate market.
  • Picky Buyers In Chicago
    First time buyers, Alice and Ali, are searching Chicago for a duplex. While they agree on a budget of $400,000, they are not on the same page when it comes to proximity to public transportation.
  • Big Easy Getaway
    Big Easy Getaway
    Episode 10
    The place will double as a full-time home for their son Taylor, who's in medical school in the Big Easy. Can they find a home with the outdoor space Taylor wants, and the investment potential Kim & Mickey demand, all on a budget?
  • Finding a Forever Home in NC
    Joey and his wife Micki, along with their two girls, Hope and Abbey, recently moved from New Jersey to North Carolina. They've been living in a rental home in Leland, but they're eager to buy a place to call their own.
  • Time is Tight in Baton Rouge
    After being accepted into a Ph.D program at LSU, Laura and Matt are moving to Cajun Country. In his mad dash to quickly find a job in Baton Rouge, Matt ended up getting a new gig before Laura had finished her school in Alabama.
  • Historic Charm in Indiana
    Armed with a $125,000 budget, Erin's searching the quaint town of New Albany for a place with charm and a layout that her elderly dog Cruz can easily navigate. But her dad won't let her settle for anything sub-par!
  • New York to Charlotte
    New York transplants are hoping to find a walkable neighborhood in historic Charlotte, North Carolina. With a baby on the way they have very little time, and since Chris is a banker, they also have a very strict budget.
  • D.C. Pro Football Cheerleader
    When this first time buyer looks for homes with her wet-blanket of a brother, the realities of the local real estate market might force her to stay in her parent's basement.
  • Opinionated in Cleveland
    First time buyer Jimmy loves vintage style homes. But on a social worker's salary, finding one that fits his picky taste in historic Cleveland causes sparks to fly with his realtor.
  • Detroit to Palm Harbor, FL
    The Smith family, still reeling from the loss of equity in their first home back in Detroit, are finally ready to start over, and look for a new home in Palm Harbor, Florida.
  • Seeing It All in Fargo
    Mary, a trauma surgeon, returns to her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota to find a home. She leads her realtor on a wild goose chase from lofts to historic Victorian mansions as she debates whether to downsize, or upgrade.
  • Town or Country on Kauai
    Justin and his French-born wife live on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Now that they are parents to a daughter, they would like to buy a home that has room for her to play, and sufficient space for a large home office for Justin.