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Season 145 : Episode 9

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  • Cutting The Commute
    Episode 13
    Hoping to cut down on commute-time, Lulu and her husband Karl look for a house in Wilmington, DE.
  • 12/26/11
    Dan and Rachel, are hoping to find the ultimate deal in Detroit. But the seemingly inexpensive, five-figure deals are a wake-up call for these 20-somethings encountering the realities of the turbulent real estate market.
  • 12/18/11
    First time buyers, Alice and Ali, are searching Chicago for a duplex. While they agree on a budget of $400,000, they are not on the same page when it comes to proximity to public transportation.
  • Big Easy Getaway
    Episode 10
    The place will double as a full-time home for their son Taylor, who's in medical school in the Big Easy. Can they find a home with the outdoor space Taylor wants, and the investment potential Kim & Mickey demand, all on a budget?
  • 1/2/12
    Joey and his wife Micki, along with their two girls, Hope and Abbey, recently moved from New Jersey to North Carolina. They've been living in a rental home in Leland, but they're eager to buy a place to call their own.
  • Time is Tight in Baton Rouge
    After being accepted into a Ph.D program at LSU, Laura and Matt are moving to Cajun Country. In his mad dash to quickly find a job in Baton Rouge, Matt ended up getting a new gig before Laura had finished her school in Alabama.
  • 12/22/11
    Armed with a $125,000 budget, Erin's searching the quaint town of New Albany for a place with charm and a layout that her elderly dog Cruz can easily navigate. But her dad won't let her settle for anything sub-par!
  • 12/13/11
    New York transplants are hoping to find a walkable neighborhood in historic Charlotte, North Carolina. With a baby on the way they have very little time, and since Chris is a banker, they also have a very strict budget.
  • 12/11/11
    When this first time buyer looks for homes with her wet-blanket of a brother, the realities of the local real estate market might force her to stay in her parent's basement.
  • 12/5/11
    First time buyer Jimmy loves vintage style homes. But on a social worker's salary, finding one that fits his picky taste in historic Cleveland causes sparks to fly with his realtor.
  • 11/22/11
    The Smith family, still reeling from the loss of equity in their first home back in Detroit, are finally ready to start over, and look for a new home in Palm Harbor, Florida.
  • 11/1/11
    Mary, a trauma surgeon, returns to her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota to find a home. She leads her realtor on a wild goose chase from lofts to historic Victorian mansions as she debates whether to downsize, or upgrade.
  • 11/27/11
    Justin and his French-born wife live on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Now that they are parents to a daughter, they would like to buy a home that has room for her to play, and sufficient space for a large home office for Justin.