House Hunters - Season 56

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Season 147 : Episode 36

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  • 2/13/12
    Gee and Juan love the southern charm and nightlife of Atlanta, but their rental is no longer working. Their business is run out of their kitchen. And, they love to host friends, but the boisterous parties have caused complaints!
  • 2/9/12
    Hobie is a Sergeant-At-Arms for the Virginia Senate. As a fourth generation Virginian, he wants to move his family to the historic area of Church Hill, one of the first neighborhoods in Richmond where his ancestors once walked.
  • 2/8/12
    When her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Maya moved back home to help. A year later, Mom is healthy and Maya is ready to find a place of her own. But with her Dad as her agent, this first time buyer may have her hands full.
  • 2/7/12
    Brian, a fireman, and his wife Brandi Jo, a cop, are on the hunt for their first home in Montgomery, Ohio. After having their third child, they decided it's time to find a place with more space.
  • 2/6/12
    From high-rise buildings to basement condos, a first time buyer and his Mom scour the D.C. area.
  • 2/10/12
    A picky buyer refuses to settle for less than perfect when it comes to her first home in Chicago.
  • 2/2/12
    A 21-year-old fireman wants to buy his first home in Corona, CA and turn it into a bachelor pad.
  • 2/24/12
    LaShawan is training to be a crime scene investigator, but she has another area of interest: fashion! But LaShawan's $225,000 budget may not be big enough to satisfy this demanding single mom's wish list!
  • 1/26/12
    Young family moves from San Francisco to Houston and discovers everything really is bigger in Texas.
  • 2/17/12
    Kayla and Jacob are first time home-buyers are on the search for a place in the up and coming area of East Austin. Can they find a home that works for both of them, and can they find it soon?
  • 1/1/12
    India-born Ekta and Sahil love working in the heart of Manhattan, and after a year of renting in Jersey City, they'd like to buy their first home in the big city.
  • 12/20/11
    Living all over the world has been an adventure, but now Crystal has landed a dream job in her hometown of Houston. So with a budget of $500,000, Crystal and Blair are ready to buy a place to call home.
  • 12/17/11
    Jessica and Alex recently got engaged after dating long distance for the past two years. Now they are on the hunt for their first home in Delaware.