House Hunters - Season 62

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Season 137 : Episode 10

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  • 5/30/12
    For the last few years, Chris, Jenny and their two young daughters, have been chasing storms across the southwest as part of their auto body repair business. Now, they're hoping to put down roots in Austin, Texas.
  • Picky In Paradise
    Episode 12
    Yzette and Jason look for a big single family home to expand their family in pricey Orange County, California. But their $430,000 budget leaves them in condo territory in their preferred city of Aliso Viejo.
  • 6/4/12
    Chris and Heather are ready to make some big moves by buying their first home, and moving in together. But the search won't be easy. As first time home buyers, their wishlist is long and their budget is small.
  • Quirky in Virginia
    Episode 10
    Adam and Cathy are expecting their first child, so they need out of the rental. With a $250K budget, they've lots of options in the Shenandoah Valley, but there's a catch. She wants a home that's quirky, while he loves bungalows.
  • 5/28/12
    Twenty-four-year-old Laurel has decided to buy her first place in Nashville, Tennessee. She's adament about wanting a single family home, but because of the square footage she desires, she might have to consider a townhome.
  • 5/23/12
    Mark and Meghan recently moved to Charlotte, NC, and love everything about the city. But, the apartment they've been renting is too small. So, they've decided to buy a home. But, the couple has different goals for that new house.
  • 5/22/12
    Adam, a tour drummer, and Nicki are so close with her parents that they've decided to buy a house together. The challenge: Adam wants a drum studio; Nicki wants a spacious master suite; Carl and Caren want an in-law suite
  • Bay Area Battle
    Episode 6
    Andrew and Phil can't wait to get out of their tiny 1 bedroom apartment and buy a home in the San Francisco area. Trouble is, Andrew wants to be in the heart of the city, and Phil wants to be near his practice in the suburbs.
  • 5/21/12
    Tampa Bay residents Dustin and Stacey are excited about their move to Austin where they'll be closer to family. Eager to find a home with a pool and a view of Lake Travis, they find that getting everything they want won't be easy.
  • 5/29/12
    Riane and Patrick are mainlanders who met at the university of Hawaii. Ten years later, the couple want to live on the island of Maui. Riane wants a funky home with lots of land. Patrick is more interested in a good investment.
  • 5/18/12
    Dane and his wife, Becca, have been living in Dane's bachelor pad in the suburbs. They're eager to find a new home since they're expecting their first child. She's picky and has a long list of must-haves and no-nos.
  • Brother vs. Younger Sisters in Boston Burbs
    A young buyer leaves home to find a place to park his car.
  • Sisters Search for a Sacramento Home
    Two sisters have different views on a Sacramento home.