House Hunters - Season 64

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Season 151 : Episode 43

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  • 7/3/12
    The home Tim and Heidi are renting has just gone on the market and could sell any day, so they need to find a home of their own fast. They want a place with lots of land and a view.
  • 7/12/12
    Air Force Major General Mike Keltz and his wife, Donna, have loved their long-term post in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, but the couple wants to buy their 'forever home' in Destin, Florida.
  • 7/9/12
    Kerri and Jordan are looking for their first house and planning a wedding in their new hometown of Charlotte, NC. Can they find a house that will make them both happy?
  • 7/5/12
    Betsy and Shane are looking for their first home along the coast of California. But Shane, a baseball coach, has an odd request. The backyard must be at least 60 feet, 6 inches - the distance from the plate to the pitcher's mound.
  • 7/4/12
    Brian and Alexis just moved to New Orleans from the Dallas suburbs. Unfortunately, when it comes to their hunt for a home, they disagree on a major points.
  • 7/6/12
    Jen, a financial consultant, and her husband, Jeff, a banker, are looking for a bigger home in the Boston suburbs to raise their three boys.
  • 7/2/12
    Orlando residents Parag and Puja just got married, and are anxious to get out of their small 2 bedroom place. But for these frugal bargain hunters, buying their first house means finding the ultimate deal.
  • 6/29/12
    Tim, a pastor, and his wife, a school teacher, recently moved to Virginia. And while they and their kids have been enjoying the area, the entire family is looking forward to moving out of their rental and into a permanent home.
  • 6/28/12
    Newlyweds Marshall and Dana are searching for their first home in Tennessee, but they disagree on what kind of house to buy. Will these strong-willed newlyweds be able to see eye to eye?
  • 6/27/12
    After moving to Atlanta less than a year ago, Paul has decided to buy his first place. Since home prices so low, he set his budget at $40,000 and is hoping to find a fully loaded 1 or 2 bedroom condo close to downtown.
  • 6/26/12
    Brian and his wife Logan are expecting twins, so they need a bigger home in Syracuse, NY, pronto!
  • 6/25/12
    Chris and Laura are first time buyers with a typically out-of-touch wish list. They want it all, and for not much money, in a competetive West Palm Beach market. Looking at everything from gut jobs to move-in ready homes.
  • 6/21/12
    Stacy and Jonathan have three young kids and busy schedules, so they don't have time for a house that needs work. Adding to the stress, they've been living with her parents for months while saving up money for their dream home.