House Hunters - Season 67

Weekdays 10:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Sep 30, 1999 In Season


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  • 10/18/12
    Robert and Charla look for their first house. They don't want to leave the San Diego area, but they don't have a big budget. They need more space for their 2-yr-old daughter and all her toys.
  • 10/12/12
    Tommy, Rose and their young triplet sons, have moved from Dallas back home to San Diego. Looking for a home that will suit young triplets is complicated. Tommy wants modern construction, while Rose prefers a ranch with character.
  • 10/9/12
    Mike and Sean are commerical airline pilots who live in Argyle, TX. While they love their custom built home, they've decided to buy a vacation house in their favorite vacation spot - Breckenridge, CO.
  • 9/21/12
    Winnie's job recently moved her from Texas to Southern California, and now she'd like to put down roots and buy a townhome or condo in Orange County. Unfortunately, she's bound to have a Texas-sized case of sticker shock.
  • Disagreement in DC
    Episode 10
    First time buyers Brian and Denitsa are ready to move out of their small apartment. But with their lease ending soon and their wedding in a few months, they need to find a place fast and they disagree on location
  • 9/19/12
    Justin and Jenny think they've found the perfect place to raise their girls. So, they're pulling up stakes in Sacramento and moving outside Boise, ID. They're excited about how far their budget goes in Idaho's housing market.
  • 9/17/12
    Levi and Jennifer have lived in cramped apartments, dirt huts and student housing all over the world. Now that they have a daughter, it's time to settle premanently. They're looking for a large home in Charlotte, NC.
  • Picky Actors Search for Starter Home in Aurora, IL
    After a year apart, Bryan and Chad are buying a home.
  • A Young Couple Search for High-End Properties in Las Vegas
    A young Michigan couple wants perfection in their first home.
  • 9/10/12
    Cassie's a professional photographer who loves Fort Collins, CO. She's tired of renting and is ready to buy a home. Cassie also loves antiques, and her love of all things old will figure big in her house hunt.
  • 9/5/12
    Pamela and Joe run several businesses in Bedford, NH, and they're ready to reward themselves with a vacation home on gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee. While Joe wants 5000-sq ft of luxury, Pamela wants to have less space to maintain.
  • 9/3/12
    Jessie, Spence and their young daughter Marleigh are living the dream. They own a hotel on a beautiful island in Florida. The problem is that they live in the hotel in a one-bedroom suite. They are ready for a home of their own.