House of Anubis

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House of Anubis

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The hit series known around the world comes to US television. At an exclusive boarding school in England a girl named Joy goes missing. And taking her place is an American named Nina. Patricia, who now has to share a room with Nina, thinks Nina has something to do with it. But, there are more secrets to be uncovered in the House of Anubis.

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AIRED ON 6/17/2013

Season 3 : Episode 0

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  • the hell was this show made???!!!!!!

    The plot is so predictable, the characters are extremely bland and the dialogue is just awful. Never before have I heard dialogue so blandly executed or so poorly written for a show; and the worse part is that nobody would shut the fuck up about it!!!! People, this show offers nothing new to the table; you've seen this type of characters be done to death by other shows, movies and books, you've seen this type of plot and story arc already and it's executed in the worst way possible. Don't bother with this show; not only will you be bored out of you're mind, but you'll be annoyed by how pathetic this it. If you want to watch a soap opera, go watch The Young and The Restless, you'll find better quality there than this piece of turd >:(moreless
  • my review

    I couldn't find the play button so I cannot tell you what it's all about but I have been watching one on Netflix it was great and I have a idea what if neana went into the whole and became a God and in the next one neana misses her friends and she will be a human again but she can be a God any time.

    Makes me want to change the channel *YAWN*
  • house of anubis

    it is a good show
  • Bring the old times back!

    i love house of anubis so much, but with out nina and amber it's rubbish! The first two seasons were amazing and always kept me on the edge of my seat but season 3 didn't do it for me. jerome and mara were so sweet together but then they had to have him two time on her and then date joy. Also fabian was so inlove with nina but then he goes with mara! Nickelodeon has ruined my favourite show. if they do make a seaon four, they should go back to the old timesmoreless

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