House of Anubis

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House of Anubis

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The hit series known around the world comes to US television. At an exclusive boarding school in England a girl named Joy goes missing. And taking her place is an American named Nina. Patricia, who now has to share a room with Nina, thinks Nina has something to do with it. But, there are more secrets to be uncovered in the House of Anubis.

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AIRED ON 6/17/2013

Season 3 : Episode 0

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  • house of anubis

    it is a good show
  • Bring the old times back!

    i love house of anubis so much, but with out nina and amber it's rubbish! The first two seasons were amazing and always kept me on the edge of my seat but season 3 didn't do it for me. jerome and mara were so sweet together but then they had to have him two time on her and then date joy. Also fabian was so inlove with nina but then he goes with mara! Nickelodeon has ruined my favourite show. if they do make a seaon four, they should go back to the old timesmoreless
  • Season 4

    There will be a season 4 if we tweet it says it on hoa facebook page
  • Needs a season 4.

    The show's Interesting but it needs a Season 4 or another movie. The Touchstone of Ra was interesting though it would have been interesting to see Mara involved in the secret earlier than the movie. It seemed like Mara could have discovered the secret in season 2 like when she investigated Vera. One thing I didn't understand is why Joy, Jeremy, and Willow weren't that involved in the Touchstone of Ra. Another thing I wish that Nick didn't do is erase Willows memory of the secret in season 3. It seemed like Sibuna could have had more help. I could easily see the show going darker if it wasn't on Nickelodeon or Teen Nick.moreless
  • Season 4!!!

    i think ever since nina and amber left the show just got worse. Season 3 was great yes it was but i think it would have been the best season ever if nina and amber were there. The touchstone of ra was good i cried at the end but i was so mad at fabian for going with mara its Fabina get it straight people! But we know there is most likely not a season 4 and if there is then the original characters won't be there and it will be boring and the worst. We need a season 4 but with the original characters who's with me?moreless

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