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  • season 3 suckkkkkkk!!!!

    i love the show, but without nina and amber its the worst!!!! fabian and mara?!?!?!!??!?!?!? burf.

    im a fan of seasons 1&2 but 3.... kill myself
  • the hell was this show made???!!!!!!

    The plot is so predictable, the characters are extremely bland and the dialogue is just awful. Never before have I heard dialogue so blandly executed or so poorly written for a show; and the worse part is that nobody would shut the fuck up about it!!!! People, this show offers nothing new to the table; you've seen this type of characters be done to death by other shows, movies and books, you've seen this type of plot and story arc already and it's executed in the worst way possible. Don't bother with this show; not only will you be bored out of you're mind, but you'll be annoyed by how pathetic this it. If you want to watch a soap opera, go watch The Young and The Restless, you'll find better quality there than this piece of turd >:(
  • my review

    I couldn't find the play button so I cannot tell you what it's all about but I have been watching one on Netflix it was great and I have a idea what if neana went into the whole and became a God and in the next one neana misses her friends and she will be a human again but she can be a God any time.

    Makes me want to change the channel *YAWN*
  • house of anubis

    it is a good show
  • Bring the old times back!

    i love house of anubis so much, but with out nina and amber it's rubbish! The first two seasons were amazing and always kept me on the edge of my seat but season 3 didn't do it for me. jerome and mara were so sweet together but then they had to have him two time on her and then date joy. Also fabian was so inlove with nina but then he goes with mara! Nickelodeon has ruined my favourite show. if they do make a seaon four, they should go back to the old times
  • Season 4

    There will be a season 4 if we tweet it says it on hoa facebook page
  • Needs a season 4.

    The show's Interesting but it needs a Season 4 or another movie. The Touchstone of Ra was interesting though it would have been interesting to see Mara involved in the secret earlier than the movie. It seemed like Mara could have discovered the secret in season 2 like when she investigated Vera. One thing I didn't understand is why Joy, Jeremy, and Willow weren't that involved in the Touchstone of Ra. Another thing I wish that Nick didn't do is erase Willows memory of the secret in season 3. It seemed like Sibuna could have had more help. I could easily see the show going darker if it wasn't on Nickelodeon or Teen Nick.
  • Season 4!!!

    i think ever since nina and amber left the show just got worse. Season 3 was great yes it was but i think it would have been the best season ever if nina and amber were there. The touchstone of ra was good i cried at the end but i was so mad at fabian for going with mara its Fabina get it straight people! But we know there is most likely not a season 4 and if there is then the original characters won't be there and it will be boring and the worst. We need a season 4 but with the original characters who's with me?
  • grrrrr

    I wish they would have left it on nick because now the only way I can watch it is by going to

    House O f Anubis is one of the BEST TV Shows Ever made!Season 3 was my favorite hope there is a Season 4 and If so I want all the characters that were on it in season and Eddie)and Walfie(Willow and Alfie must still be together they are the cutest ever!!
  • Season 4

    I've heard romours that nickelodeon wants to replace house of Anubis with more episodes of marvin marvin but they said if it gets more popular they might have a season 4 and they are havin a house of Anubis movie too and they said that if the movie gets enough views and positive feedback they would have a season 4 and I hope they do I don't want this show to end up like victorious so let's get a season 4

    I love house of Anubis but it's like taking everyone off. you're practically took amber off then I watched Anubis unlocked and they might take patricia off. all my favourites r gone or soon. big mistake. leave everyone on that's on now including amber.

    I think HOA should have a season 4. Unlike the commenter below me. I thought this season was great. Effects were great and the drama was BIG. I liked the change in plot, unlike the other seasons where Nina was the main person in HOA. I really want a season 4 and all the fans would like one too. It is such a popular show and should get a season 4
  • Nickelodeon has had worse shows

    The first couple seasons were good, leaving the end of the plots a cliff hanger, so you would always wonder what's going to happen next. But like most viewers, this show isnt the same. In this season they got rid of a huge chunk of the characters including Nina, the main character. This show also has added a bunch of new characters as well. In my opinion, everyone is way too melodramatic and or they get too emotional too easily, which just makes me become disinterested and I end up on my iPod instead of watching the show.
  • i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think House of Anubis is the best! Nathalia Ramos needs to come back. i kinda like kt. I like Eddie most on the show.
  • Please Come Back!!

    I love House of Anubis I think it is one of the best shows, but season 3 is not the same without Nathalia Ramos. I think that Nickelodeon should have tried to create a schedule that fit with Nathalia's schedule so she could still be on the show because like i said before it is not the same without her. I hope they make a 4th season so she can come back or Nickelodeon and her create a schedule to where she can come back to the show.
  • A very good show!

    I'm proud to say that house of anubis is my favorite show. It's filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and drama. Some say that you don't like it, but you really haven't given it a chance. Somebody said Nina acted too emotional about the mystery and Fabian and Joy. What if you found out that you where an ancient Egyptian legend having all these questions dumped on you, plus the love of your life is wooing with another girl? That would be hard right? Their just trying to make it real. Sure, some parts may be sort of cheesy, but every show is at points!

    At the end the point is that house of anubis is an excellent show!
  • I'd rather smash the house on top of them all

    No, Nick. Why? You'll always be better than Disney (I will always keep mentioning that fact, because you really have to see Disney to know this isn't the worst out there, though it seems so), but WHY???

    This is such a stupid show. Luckily it has a plot, but that isn't very redeeming. The storyline is boring (Why try for a second season? Fricking no!), some of the characters will annoy the crap out of you, other's will bore you, and the rest just sit there. Like fricking creepers in the background.

    The acting isn't the best, I have seen better. I'd take the whole first season of iCarly (While I love that show, let me say it now, the first season was bad) and watch it in a day than watch one episode of this on loop for two hours.

    And for the people saying this is educational: No. You want to learn about Egyptian mythology? Read the Kane Chronicles. Pick up a textbook. Go watch the goddamned History Channel, this won't teach you anything (the alternative word that usually gets beeped for poo, .
  • you,ve gotta be kidding me nickelodeon!

    This show has bad acting bad storylines bad everything its terrible first icarly and victorious and now this bullcrap? Kids these days and what they think is cool, try watching 90s nickelodeon now that's where its at...
  • House of Anubis


  • Here's a Great Reveiw!

    I love this. A great mixutre of myserty, drama, and Ancient Eypt. I really like learning about Eypt for some reason. Myserty shows, like this one, is just great. I thought this show would be a dissapiontment like all the other shows on nick so I borthered no watching it untill my friend told me it was AMAZING.

    So I just changed the chancel and noticed I was watching a awesome show.

    Plot 9/10: Its a pretty great plot. Nina a normal girl who goes to a boarding school when a girl named Joy dissapears the day Nina shows up. She doesn't know she's the choosen one untill Joy returns.

    Characters 9/10: I will say they all have different personailties which really amuses me. If they all have the same characterisctics it is just boring.

    Its a great show, end of story. Nick has finally done it after 2 years. ;-)
  • A Fun and Educational show

    House of Anubis is an outstanding show. It has mystery, drama, teen situations, and bits of romances. It is what any young teenager can relate too. The characters are outstanding and showed great performances. The show is not only fun, but can teach many kids about Eyptian history. Very few shows like this one has an educational purpose and this is one reflects educationally. I like this show, I recommend it for kids nine and up.
  • My Review of House of Anubis

    I loved it! My friend told me about this, but I didn't really listen to her and just went on watching my regular shows, until in Dec. they said they're was back to back House of Anubis episodes every weekday, so the day the first on premiered for the season I decided to watch it because I had nothing else to do, and I totally loved it and wanted more! I got all the characters name quickly and got to know them, and I totally loved their British accents! I never missed an episode of that show, and I loved the whole season! I want more seasons, I hope the next one is coming out soon! I can't wait that long for another House of Anubis.

    As soon as the season finale had finished, the next day I turned the TV on at seven and was disappointed when I remembered that it had ended, but I still try to watch reruns on Nick on Demand if they put that show on their again!

    i love house of anubis and i don't agree with the people with the people who say it's boring!!!
  • Good!

    I think this show is good, but not great. There are a few things in this that are quite confusing. If they air a new episode once or twice every week (maybe Mondays and Fridays) instead of about 4, it would be easier to catch up if you've missed a few episodes. I have to say, Season 2 is so much better than Season 1.
  • Boring

    I don't hate it but I don't like it.It is very boring. I would not watch it again.
  • overall, its good

    The show is starting to lose it fizz a little bit. The relationships aren't what they used to be, the mysteries aren't as mysterious, and so on. But it's still a very good show compared to the others that are on cable these days
  • I'm not sure

    There are some things that I like but some of the relationships are so immature. Joy said she is not a boyfriend stealer, but why did she pretend to be Nina in order to kiss Fabian. And Nina gets so jealous and overemotional about every little thing that Fabian does or does not do. And speaking of Fabian, get a backbone and just spit out your honest feelings for Nina once and for all. All that Victor needs is a handlebar moustache and a black cape in a black and white silent movie in order to complete the corny evil guy role. The whole thing is a bit corny and a stretch of the imagination, but somehow the whole supernatural Egypt theme is intriguing and still kind of fun.
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