House of Anubis

Weekdays 8:30 PM on TeenNick Premiered Jan 01, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • Here's a Great Reveiw!

    I love this. A great mixutre of myserty, drama, and Ancient Eypt. I really like learning about Eypt for some reason. Myserty shows, like this one, is just great. I thought this show would be a dissapiontment like all the other shows on nick so I borthered no watching it untill my friend told me it was AMAZING.

    So I just changed the chancel and noticed I was watching a awesome show.

    Plot 9/10: Its a pretty great plot. Nina a normal girl who goes to a boarding school when a girl named Joy dissapears the day Nina shows up. She doesn't know she's the choosen one untill Joy returns.

    Characters 9/10: I will say they all have different personailties which really amuses me. If they all have the same characterisctics it is just boring.

    Its a great show, end of story. Nick has finally done it after 2 years. ;-)