House of Anubis

Weekdays 8:30 PM on TeenNick Premiered Jan 01, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • I'd rather smash the house on top of them all

    No, Nick. Why? You'll always be better than Disney (I will always keep mentioning that fact, because you really have to see Disney to know this isn't the worst out there, though it seems so), but WHY???

    This is such a stupid show. Luckily it has a plot, but that isn't very redeeming. The storyline is boring (Why try for a second season? Fricking no!), some of the characters will annoy the crap out of you, other's will bore you, and the rest just sit there. Like fricking creepers in the background.

    The acting isn't the best, I have seen better. I'd take the whole first season of iCarly (While I love that show, let me say it now, the first season was bad) and watch it in a day than watch one episode of this on loop for two hours.

    And for the people saying this is educational: No. You want to learn about Egyptian mythology? Read the Kane Chronicles. Pick up a textbook. Go watch the goddamned History Channel, this won't teach you anything (the alternative word that usually gets beeped for poo, .