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Season 3 : Episode 13

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A new US adaptation of the 1990s British political miniseries will star Kevin Spacey as the lead role. This is the first original series of this caliber to appear exclusively on Netflix.

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  • Not so long road to ruin.

    This show has been going down hill since the tail end of season 1.

    As time has gone by; the characters and in particular Frank, has become more and more exaggerated and caricature-like.

    How realistic is it for a guy who has been one of the key power players in Washington for decades and has successfully hidden his ego and ruthlessness under a veil to suddenly lose ALL ability to hide his disregard or contempt especially for people whom he needs?

    Frank started off as a sociopathic pragmatist and now he is what? an ego-maniacal, un-strategic, un-tactical, petty fool who pisses on his father's grave with media and SS Agents just around the corner or spits on statue of Jesus in the middle of bloody cathedral while in earshot of agents and the fucking Bishop?

    Initially Claire was portrayed to possibly be even more cold and ruthless than Frank but they have turned her into a mess with no good driving factor.

    I mean seriously? they have been in that partnership for decades and have had their ambitions from around the same time -yet now things start to fall apart, and from problems that would have cropped up any number of times at some time their prior 30 YEARS together.

    I'll watch the start of season 4, if they don't up their game -I'll be unsubscribing this show.

    Also WTF is it about the random pointless 'main' subplots that they have each season -Zoe's Scooby gang trying to expose Frank, then the crusade to expose Frank for Zoe's murder, then that awful Doug and Rachel BS. . .I mean WTF?moreless
  • Season 3 enjoyable yet falls short comparing with season 1 and 2.

    As titles states, i did enjoy season 3 of House of Cards, but it wasn't was good as the first two. I just hope season 4 if it is in development gets better. Overall i would give a 7 for season 3. Kevin Spacey is always a treat to watch, what a briliant actor.
  • Who to hate more?

    I like the show even though I think the first lady and the president are terrible people. And even though I've seen the president do more terrible things on the show, the first lady's face is enough to disgust me. I can't explain it but her two faced nature for some reason is more unpalatable than the president.
  • episodes 1, 2 and 3

    Very disappointing 3rd season. Frank and Claire more despicable than ever. Can't believe writers couldn't think of anything better than having her want to be an Ambassador as well as First Lady. Preposterous
  • Meh... I'm going re-watching BOSS instead

    I was thrilled by reviews and, to be honest, by the first couple episodes. After that it really struck me that this is a rip-off of a more exiting show: BOSS. Same characters, same plot, less fun. Excluding mr. Spacey's brilliant performance (as always) this show is filled with a poorly interesting story and poorly interesting characters.

    Yeah yeah... HoC has Fincher on the team. So what. BOSS has Van Sant on his side and both directing and photography can't really be compared between the two.

    Trust me on this: if you "like" this you'll just love BOSS.moreless

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