House of Cards

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AIRED ON 2/27/2015

Season 3 : Episode 13

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A new US adaptation of the 1990s British political miniseries will star Kevin Spacey as the lead role. This is the first original series of this caliber to appear exclusively on Netflix.

    The Killing's Joel Kinnaman Joins House of Cards

    However, Netflix is being cagey about who the actor is playing.

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    • Takes too much time to become interesting

      i gave it a 2 because it takes 2 seasons for this show to become interesting and the characters are neither interesting nor realistic.
    • I'm an absolute fan

      If good-hearted protagonists and happy endings are your thing, this probably isn't the show for you. After all, what happens to a house of cards once built? This is about cunning, ambitious people working in a grueling, fast paced environment and the relationships between them, and it stands as a satirical commentary on politics in the US. If you're like me, you'll fall hard for the intrigue and character dynamics, and you'll be swept off your feet by the very first episode-- hang on for the rollercoaster ride ahead.

      This show managed to keep me guessing at every turn, yet leave me satisfied with things as they unfolded. The acting, music, camera work and design elements are superb, not to mention the writing. My favorite part of the show is the way that the characters change and interact with each other-- if that's something you enjoy, you'll love this show!moreless
    • Recommended for people who enjoy high quality television!

      I really enjoyed that the last two episodes of season 1 and 2 blindsided you on what was about to happen. Season 3 didn't have a blindside, which I liked because it showed that Frank had lost his touch. Season 3 was slower in comparison to the other seasons, though was still marvelous to watch. I would recommend this to anyone who likes high quality television (I will watch most things if it is decent acting and storytelling).moreless
    • Could have captured more Audience if Netflix US was not blocked in Europe and Asia

      Unfortunately the show could have been streamed in wider population if only Netflix did not had their geo restrictions issues. The show has all what it needs, solid script, hilarious screen play. amazing make up artist and thrills that keeps you moving. Some people opted to watch it via unblock . com to access it from geo restriction while few waited it to be available on torrent for download ! I Feel Netflix should make serious effort in order to legalize streaming to wider audiencemoreless
    • Not so long road to ruin.

      This show has been going down hill since the tail end of season 1.

      As time has gone by; the characters and in particular Frank, has become more and more exaggerated and caricature-like.

      How realistic is it for a guy who has been one of the key power players in Washington for decades and has successfully hidden his ego and ruthlessness under a veil to suddenly lose ALL ability to hide his disregard or contempt especially for people whom he needs?

      Frank started off as a sociopathic pragmatist and now he is what? an ego-maniacal, un-strategic, un-tactical, petty fool who pisses on his father's grave with media and SS Agents just around the corner or spits on statue of Jesus in the middle of bloody cathedral while in earshot of agents and the fucking Bishop?

      Initially Claire was portrayed to possibly be even more cold and ruthless than Frank but they have turned her into a mess with no good driving factor.

      I mean seriously? they have been in that partnership for decades and have had their ambitions from around the same time -yet now things start to fall apart, and from problems that would have cropped up any number of times at some time their prior 30 YEARS together.

      I'll watch the start of season 4, if they don't up their game -I'll be unsubscribing this show.

      Also WTF is it about the random pointless 'main' subplots that they have each season -Zoe's Scooby gang trying to expose Frank, then the crusade to expose Frank for Zoe's murder, then that awful Doug and Rachel BS. . .I mean WTF?moreless

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