Since it seems that Cory's to busy to finish his House of Cards review, don't worry we're not pressuring you, I thought maybe you would like to discuss how season 2 ended (and the shocking twists it came with).


First order of business: Meechum, WTF. Seriously I still don't understand what exactly happened. I wonder if Frank and Claire were that close with their previous agent. It's funny how the show dropped a few hints episodes prior and I still didn't see it coming. Imagine if that got out to the public considering Frank's new position.

Is it me or did this finale felt more like a series finale. I know this show was only meant to go on for two seasons before being given a third. But all of the show's major plotlines were resolved: Frank's president, Walker resigned, Tusk went to jail, Doug's dead, and Meechum's true colours have been revealed. Now, we're left wondering what is going to happen in season 3. There's no way Frank can climb the ladder of power since he's at the top, so will the next season be about his descend and his possible demise?

Make sure to discuss about this season finale or the season as a whole, what do you think is in store for season 3?
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Mar 04, 2014
I don't think Cory is too busy, I actually got the impression that due to the lack of user discussion on his previous day-by-day reviews of each episode in the second series that the site decided not to continue on with them. It's difficult to review a series with like House of Cards because it's platform offers all of the content instantly, so viewers will watch it at different times, and therefore come onto sites like this to discuss it at different times. I think made the right decision to review an episode a day, but obviously the interest seemed to peter out as Cory wrote more. Either the majority had already watched it over its first weekend, or they were taking their time, its seems there was few in between.

As for episode discussion, Cory did set up threads to discuss every episode in the season (even if he doesn't end up reviewing them all). You'll find the discussion to 'Chapter 24' here (the one in which the have a threesome with Meechum):

And here's the one for the season final, or 'Chapter 26':
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