Look, I don't even know what to say about this very cryptic teaser for the second season of Netflix's House of Cards. The black-and-white clip features protagonist Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) relaxing at his desk and playing with a rubber band and... and that's about it.

No need to adjust the volume on your computer, there's no sound. In fact, the "video" is actually a cinemagraph, which is more or less just a fancy .GIF (making it kind of weird for it to be on YouTube), and showrunner Beau Willimon promises there will more to come. I don't know what this particular promo tells us about Season 2, and I won't know until Frank looks directly into the camera and tells me. 

In other House of Cards news, Netflix has announced that commentary from all six of the series' directors has been added to the Season 1 streams of House of Cards. Just choose it as an option in the subtitles menus, and you can find out where David Fincher thinks the best BBQ is in Washington, DC! 

House of Cards Season 2 premieres February 14 on Netflix.

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AIRED ON 2/27/2015

Season 3 : Episode 13

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