*Stares into camera, puts on garish Southern accent*

Now see, everyone believes there are two kinds of trailers for upcoming seasons of television shows. There's the kind of trailer that features all-new footage. And there's the kind of trailer that's a waste of time because all it does is show old footage. Me, I don't have time to waste. But I also don't want you to forget what previously happened. Situations like these require the kind of trailer that's willing to have it both ways. I'm here to scrub that vacant noggin' of yours and tell you that there's a third kind of trailer. The road to House of Cards' second season is paved with a trailer that features both new footage and old footage. And the butchery begins.

*Plots savage murder of other trailers*

House of Cards Season 2 will be dumped on you all at once on February 14, 2014. Only on Netflix!

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AIRED ON 2/27/2015

Season 3 : Episode 13

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